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NZ   Jan 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   80s new wave, 90s rock, 00s pop

I was a rock kid but now I can't get enough of a great pop hook. My goal is always to take my songwriting to the next level.

I think I'm going to 'stay in my lane' this year and not attempt any genres I know nothing about.

Except for the rock opera 😀

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  • @garlajoie  Feb 12

    Thanks for your constructive comments on my songs friend!

  • @standup  Feb 2

    Looks like my email replies to you are not going through, I keep getting failure messages.

    I spent yesterday on my first one, so I’ll wait for another starter from you, when you’re ready!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2

    Cheers for your words on Rain matey . Have top fawm 👍

  • @standup  Feb 1

    Feel free to send me something. A guitar-only tune? A guitar-and-vocal chorus, and I'll write some verses? Or a verse with guitar and let me come up with a chorus? Or a full song with guitar and vocal and I'll add bass and other bits, vocal harmonies, a lead if it needs one, etc.

    I'm pretty flexible.

  • @famjam Jan 31

    I actually maintain a list of projects on a google site too:

  • @standup  Jan 31

    Hey there, looks like we're a team for random collaboration.

    Let me know what you like doing the most?

    I'm a bass player really, but can play guitar OK, I write lyrics, I'm ok with singing lead or harmonies. I can enjoy the production end of things too.

  • @famjam Jan 27

    I have some progressions that might suit you both for vocals and leads. Let me know if you are interested in browsing.