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Influences:   Songwriters: Tom Paxton, John Hartford, Robyn Hitchcock, Tom Lehrer, Donovan, Gene Clark, Phil Ochs, Steve Goodman, John Lennon, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Marty Balin, Ray Davies, Pete Seeger, Jerry Garcia, Townes Van Zandt, Al Stewart, Petula Clark, Bill Staines, Richard Thompson, Willie Nelson, David Bowie, Hank Williams Sr, David Blue, Child's Ballads, Randy Newman, David Byrne, Colin Hay, Jim Morrison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, Pete Townsend, Bonnie Dobson, Paul McCartney.... Bands: The Band, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Grateful Dead, Monkees, Herman's Hermits, Doors, Nirvana, Kinks, early Who, Left Banke, Mamas & Papas, Gin Blossoms, REM, Love

Originator of the Philadelphia Area Songwriters' Alliance (PASA) houseconcert series and Summer Songfest, I have performed and released CDs with Lessick & Lincoln (acoustic), and Men From When (electric). More recently also with Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen. This is my 12th year at FAWM. Over the years FAWM has become my primary mode of writing songs and many of the songs I've written here have been performed in concert and some have been recorded with my band Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen or covered by others. Here is my FAWM history through 2019:
2009- 17
2010- 18
2011- 19
2012- 20
2013- 17
2014- 18
2015- 19
2016- 20
2017- 21
2018- 22
2019- 40
Total- 272 songs written via FAWM
Thank you for listening.

My BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG) for 2021 FAWM is to hit the 40 mark three years in a row. My more focused goal is to write at least a dozen songs in weird open tunings in the style of Nick Drake (not one of my influences until very recently), including at least a couple instrumentals on guitar. I also want to write a bunch of a-capella songs for my trio Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen, including some sea chanteys. And perhaps some Americana in the American Beauty, Workingman's Dead style. But I always seem to get sidetracked which whatever subconscious stuff comes into my head, and its been quite a year---so who knows. Wish me luck-- I will need it--I have a very busy full-time day job unlike last two years.

To hear more of my music, go to reverbnation/roblincoln, www.roblincoln/, my youtube channel lincolnsongsandmore or my facebook pages lincolnsongsandmore or lessick-lincoln-cohen. You can also e-mail me at

Songs (31)

#1 Raven 13
4 weeks
#2 Far And Close 6
4 weeks
#3 Corner Of Her World 6
4 weeks
#4 A Jolly Jolly Ship 6
4 weeks
#5 And Then Beyond 1
3 weeks
#6 658-She Knows 3
3 weeks
#7 Heartbreak and Whiskey (Tickling the Cliches) @blindkiwi  11
3 weeks
#8 The Garden @arthurrossi 5
3 weeks
#9 The Tailor And The Maiden 2
3 weeks
#10 Two Tiny Tims 3
3 weeks
#11 In Digital Eternity 4
2 weeks
#12 He's Coming To Town 2
2 weeks
#13 You Just Know @cubizm  2
2 weeks
#14 Mountain Jane 3
2 weeks
#15 Free To Be Blue 3
2 weeks
#16 Midnight Hand 3
2 weeks
#17 Till Sunrise 3
1 week
#18 The Giant Penguin 1
1 week
#19 Whapadoodle 3
1 week
#20 You Were Just Dreaming In 1846 1
1 week
#21 Cincinnati Bound 1
1 week
#22 Who Goes There 2
1 week
#23 Kittens Of Port Royal 3
1 week
#24 London Gals 2
1 week
#25 A Fool In Love With Hate 2
6 days
#26 Box Of Snow 1
6 days
#27 Sad Wellington 2
6 days
#28 Newburyport 1
6 days
#29 Hard Boiled Eggs 2
6 days
#30 Heatherton Square 2
6 days
#31 Out Of Gas 1
6 days


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  • @mightyq  18 hours

    Thanks for listening to Coda and for the appreciative comments. And thanks for inviting me to this cool party!

  • @kathym  2 days

    I'm finally catching up on all of the overdue thank you notes for having stopped to consider my song Sweet Louise. I take all comments to heart and truly appreciate everyone's comments. All the love.

  • @skibum1066  5 days

    Thanks, Rob for your good vibes on "I had a Dream" Robyn did the lyrics justice.She's a talent and a half! Some day, I'm going to listen to all your 300 but I just took in a couple on your 31 (I only got 26 and I cheated!). You are prolific!! Great picking good lyrics. Thans

  • @timlaborie  6 days

    Hey, Rob, thanks for your comment on my last song. I have enjoyed following you this year although I couldn't keep up with your many songs. Looks like you met your 40+ song goal! Congrats!

  • @sheslin  6 days

    Rob thank you so much for your lovely comments on my songs. To answer your question, I am in a group called Soul Writers University (SWU) and our prompt had a state, a time and a direction for this week. I happen to live in MD and we do go to the beach in DE at Rehoboth and Dewey. Thank you so much again and I will have more time to listen tonight 😀

  • @winchperry 6 days

    thank you for commenting on 3 of my songs today! This has been really fun. i really feel like I did FAWM for the first time. I posted 13 different songs, though some have only lyrics. i hope to post one more tonight, so I'll get to 14!!

  • @mikeb 6 days

    Thanks for the comment on my week 3 challenge song!

  • @feb21sundari 6 days

    Thanks for your comments to my song at least. This FAWM was a wonderful time for me and I m sorry that I haven t heard more than 200 songs from about 10000. For today I m tired, but if the side is open some more days I like to have an ear for some of your february fruits

  • @roblincoln  6 days

    Well I'm closing it down at only 31 songs due to some unanticipated challenges, but plan on listening a lot tonight and commenting on other FAWMERS.

  • @mightyq  1 week

    Thanks for you comments on Whether You Stay. I appreciate your

  • @blindkiwi  2 weeks

    Hi Rob, re heartbreak and whiskey, thank you and you are welcome. I will lock it and add you as a collab, You can unlock it when you are ready.

  • @arthurrossi 3 weeks

    Hey! Thanks so much for putting "The garden" to music! I like what you have done with it and in which musical direction you have taken it! Also nice editing of the lyrics and awesome guitar play with a lovely tune... Might there be a chance to send me an mp3 on my email address, which is
    ? Once again, thanks so much for this beautiful song!

  • @arthurrossi 3 weeks

    Hey Rob! It is nice to hear from you! Of course, I remember, and I like those songs a lot. Thanks for your kind comment on "The garden", I would look very forward to it! Please, feel free to alter the lyrics any way you like and let me know if you like me to add you as collaborator or just re-post the eventual song - any way you like...

  • @blindkiwi  3 weeks

    Hi Rob, I am Kiwi living in Australia 😀 The navy blue represents both the Australian Flag and The Eureka Flag which was the flag used for the Miners rebellion in 1854. Both have the Southern Cross.

  • @jessicagraae  4 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on my song, The Prince.

  • @mightyq  4 weeks

    Glad you like my PA turnpike song.

  • @kathym  4 weeks

    Many thanks for the comments on Sweet Louise. I tried uploading the new version of Audacity to see if the defaults might solve the problem. Also wondering if there wasn't interference from having a bluetooth speaker on that was causing a problem. I appreciate the offer of advice. I am NOT a techy!

  • @honeybadgerfolk 4 weeks

    Happy FAWMing!

  • @julieann 4 weeks

    Hey Rob...I would wish you a prolific FAWM but it's a given. Look forward to the new additions...enjoy!

  • @the3queens  4 weeks

    Hi Rob, looking forward to hearing your new tunes!

  • @kathym  6 weeks

    Hi, Rob. I'm looking forward to connecting with you this year. Take care!