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08054 US   Jan 2009  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Songwriters: Tom Paxton, John Hartford, Robyn Hitchcock, Tom Lehrer, Donovan, Gene Clark, Phil Ochs, Steve Goodman, John Lennon, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Marty Balin, Ray Davies, Pete Seeger, Jerry Garcia, Townes Van Zandt, Al Stewart, Petula Clark, Bill Staines, Richard Thompson, Willie Nelson, David Bowie, Hank Williams Sr, David Blue, Child's Ballads, Randy Newman, David Byrne, Colin Hay, Jim Morrison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, Pete Townsend, Bonnie Dobson, Paul McCartney.... Bands: The Band, Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Grateful Dead, Monkees, Herman's Hermits, Doors, Nirvana, Kinks, early Who, Left Banke, Mamas & Papas, Gin Blossoms, REM, Love

Originator of the Philadelphia Area Songwriters' Alliance (PASA) houseconcert series and Summer Songfest, I have performed and released CDs with Lessick & Lincoln (acoustic), and Men From When (electric). More recently also with Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen. This is my 11th year at FAWM. Over the years FAWM has become my primary mode of writing songs and many of the songs I've written here have been performed in concert and some have been recorded with my band Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen or covered by others. Here is my FAWM history through 2019:
2009- 17
2010- 18
2011- 19
2012- 20
2013- 17
2014- 18
2015- 19
2016- 20
2017- 21
2018- 22
2019- 40
Total- 232 songs written via FAWM
Thank you for listening.

My BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG) for 2020 FAWM is to beat my last year's output. That will not be easy as it was 40 songs. My more focused goal is to write at least a dozen songs in weird open tunings in the style of Nick Drake (not one of my influences until very recently), including at least a couple instrumentals on guitar. I also want to write a bunch of a-capella songs for my trio Lessick & Lincoln & Cohen, including some sea chanteys. Wish me luck-- I will need it since I start a new full time job in the middle of the month.

To hear more of my music, go to reverbnation/roblincoln, my youtube channel lincolnsongsandmore or my facebook pages lincolnsongsandmore or lessick-lincoln-cohen. You can also e-mail me at

Songs (40)

#1 The Birds Of Dawn 4
8 weeks
#2 The Isle Of When 6
8 weeks
#3 Pocketful Of Lies 4
8 weeks
#4 The Cold Garden 3
8 weeks
#5 Garlic Town 8
8 weeks
#6 Golden Susan 3
8 weeks
#7 Hedgehog And Robin 2
8 weeks
#8 Puddinhead Jones 4
7 weeks
#9 Trevor And Raji 2
7 weeks
#10 The Old Train Still Got Some Steam 2
7 weeks
#11 Mired On The Wires In The Mire 1
7 weeks
#12 Dirtman 2
7 weeks
#13 The Kraken (formerly The Pirate) Collab with Arthur Rossi @arthurrossi 3
6 weeks
#14 Big Black Car 2
6 weeks
#15 Holiday Of One 2
6 weeks
#16 Fred And Ned 2
6 weeks
#17 Sea's Still In My Bones 2
6 weeks
#18 The Witches Of Eden 3
6 weeks
#19 The Sea Dog Song 1
6 weeks
#20 The Forrest Of Dean 1
6 weeks
#21 Wonder Wheel 2
6 weeks
#22 Just A Weed 2
6 weeks
#23 The Space Force (A Modern Space Chantey) 4
6 weeks
#24 Old Darlene 3
6 weeks
#25 After The Gold Canary 1
5 weeks
#26 Rain On A Sunny Day 4
5 weeks
#27 My Favorite Inanimate Object 1
5 weeks
#28 Harrisonville 2
5 weeks
#29 Purple Moravian Sunset 1
5 weeks
#30 Ye Olde Philadelphia Drinking Song 2
5 weeks
#31 Product 19 (Cereal Killer) 2
5 weeks
#32 Raspberry Overcoat 1
5 weeks
#33 Theodosia Burr 1
5 weeks
#34 Coco The Dog 1
4 weeks
#35 Your Century's End 3
4 weeks
#36 Evil Eye 1
4 weeks
#37 Strange Day 1
4 weeks
#38 A Little Country Garden 1
4 weeks
#39 The Panda Man 2
4 weeks
#40 Finally Done Lullaby 3
4 weeks


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  • @felixfelix 3 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting! I was not writing FILK, because was unaware of the existence, but I do get how it could sound like filk. Next fawm I will definitely write some filk on purpose.

  • @siestagal22 4 weeks

    Hey Rob, wow 40 songs! Congrats!! I'm glad you listened to my collab with @gazebo he and i have worked together before, but when he came up with that melody for "Mirror" it just blew my mind. It was a good FAWM this year!

  • @sheslin 4 weeks

    Well you wrote twice as many - I could never write and record 40 songs in one month so hats off to you!!!!

  • @sheslin 4 weeks

    Rob - thank you so very much for all the listening and commenting you did on my songs for my first FAWM! I am truly grateful for your insightful comments and I felt your encouragement - and I am thrilled your ears like what I am doing musically. No plans for an album or anything like that in the near future but maybe someday. This has been a blast - I have learned so much - collabing was new for me and what an experience - and people like you who are so generous with their time made it a wonderful experience. I also have enjoyed getting to hear such great music - and I have loved listening to your songs - I admire your songwriting skills and guitar mastery - and 40 songs - holy cow! Thanks so much again Rob!!

  • @robynmackenzie  4 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments! I have an EP out on bandcamp of synthpop tunes and I'm compiling this year's output into an album for sure 😁

    Are you on Facebook?

  • @timlaborie 4 weeks

    Rob, congratulations on all the songs you wrote. I haven't been very active here this year but it's always fun to dive in now and then. Thanks for your comments.

  • @crisp1  4 weeks

    Thanks for your recent comments, Rob. I'll be around in March listening some more so I'll for sure give a listen to a few more of yours. And I'd be delighted to collaborate next year! Congratulations on hitting 40!

  • @downfallroad  4 weeks

    Definitely inspired by Chris Cornell's singing and songs. Thanks for listening!

  • @sheslin 6 weeks

    Thank you so much for your comments on Alive - really appreciate it! You are really on a roll with 24 songs - wow! I am enjoying getting to know your music.

  • @goldelion  6 weeks

    Thanks for your general apology to my Generally Sorry song! πŸ˜‚

  • @ozcompr  6 weeks

    Thanks for the feedback on "A Neighborhood Within". Very thoughtful and encouraging. I often have doubts while creating tracks and unsure how they will turn out. Still plan on adding more and your kind words give me the encouragement and confidence to keep going!

  • @roblincoln  6 weeks

    My pleasure!@arthurrossi Thank you for being so open and flexible about your lyrics on The Pirate, even allowing me to change the title. You are amazingly prolific and I may try another with you before I am done this FAWM.

  • @arthurrossi 6 weeks

    Hey Rob, once again thanks so much for this wonderful collaboration as well as for sending me the demo… I am very, very happy about it! πŸ˜€

  • @roblincoln  7 weeks

    Thanks Arthur! I wasn't sure you liked it cause I did not hear back! Turns out I should have checked here. You did respond quickly. I will post and send you demo in e-mail later today. Yes it is certainly a collab!

  • @arthurrossi 7 weeks

    Hey! Thanks so much for the fantastic take on the "Pirate song"! My lyrics are always meant merely as a rough idea/a draft, so any changes are welcome. In fact, I like your version way better than the first one. Please, feel free to post it, of course, or let me know if you like me to add as collaborator (or both). Also, could you, please, send me a demo on my email address, which is
    ? Lovely singing and the tune and rhythm suit a chantey phenomenally! I can already see the fight with the Kracken and the faces of the sailors! Thanks so much for this wonderful song!

  • @sjbatavia  7 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words on Waiting for the Sun. FYI, it's a ukulele, not a mandolin. LOL

  • @jessicagraae  7 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on my song Billy.

  • @kadmad202  7 weeks

    Hi Rob - thanks for the nice words about Kindness. Appreciate it!

  • @goldelion  7 weeks

    OMG look at all those songs already! Thanks for listening to Sand and your thoughtful comments! Happy FAWM!

  • @howthenightcame 8 weeks

    Hello, thanks for the info about Nick Drake's tuning. I'll try it at some point in the future πŸ˜€

  • @sheslin 8 weeks

    Hey Rob - Phil Ochs is not in my listening history but I am listening to him right now. I got a guitar just before I left for college and someone on my floor taught me how to play in the the finger style he used - songs like All My Trials and Puff The Magic Dragon. His picking style is very similar and his voice is heavenly. Thanks for the musical reference and of course for listening.

  • @sheslin 8 weeks

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments Rob and for listening πŸ˜€!

  • @natrin Feb 1

    Hi good luck & enjoy your FAWM! 😁

  • @the3queens  Feb 1

    Happy FAWMing!!

  • @hoppiern  Jan 27

    Happy FAWM!! 😊