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Thunder Bay Canada   Jan 2015  

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Influences:   Midnight Oil, Tim Chandler, Neil Young, Richard Pepper, Low, MJ Hibbett

My daughter Rianna (3rd year music major at university) and I will be collaborating together again this year. We have a band called Bedford Level Experiment, where I write a lot of songs about my nerdy life (video games, old computers, sci-fi, memories from the 1980s, etc.) and we arrange and record them together.

Typically, we do the bed tracks of live drums (Rianna) and guitar (me), then she adds keys (either live from her MicroKorg XL or via MIDI) and I play bass, then I sing my vocals (and she helps me figure out what notes I actually intend to sing), and when it fits, she adds some harmony vocals, then I mix and master. What a team!

In 2017 we released an EP of sci-fi movies themed songs (some FAWMed) called "Living Here in the Future", and also created an instrumental soundtrack for a production of "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs". We also contributed to a couple tracks on The Faithful Sidekicks' awesome new album! You can find our releases on Bandcamp: https://bedfordlevelexperiment.bandca...

Highlights in past years include collaborating with Debs & Errol on their "Commodore 64" song, being mentioned on an episode of "The 8-Bit Guy" with over 600,000 views (!! - not because of us, but still), and being a guest on the Fandomania Geek Music Podcast twice.

Other stuff: I collect and play old video games and computers, I'm a homeschooling dad to my eight kids, LEGO is pretty great, I'm really into post-apocalyptic movies and video games, I play bass at my church and in some other bands, and my day job is doing indie video game development with P1XL Games:

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