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London CA   Mar 2015

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Influences:   Hum, Glifted, Polvo, Wooden Stars, Unwound, Shotgun & Jaybird / Shotgun Jimmie, His Name Is Alive, Colossamite, Shiner, Cows, Superchunk, Alpha Mile, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, tim lash tim lash tim lash

***Personally starting FAWM on the 3rd of 4th of February due to bonkers scheduling...

Hey! Yeah! My name's Jess, I'm 20, and this is my sixth year in the FAWM community (and fifth time participating. Almost duped you)! Though FAWM consistently remains my favourite, er, holiday, this time round I'm going in with a bit of an anhedonic state o' mind, and I honestly just keep forgetting February is a thing altogether. Not to worry! Last year I was as psyched as I'd ever been and I achieved an embarrassing total of... One. One song! Twenty starts to demos, one finished song... Maybe an unenthusiastic approach is just what I need. Just gotta sit back and let it happen.

I've never "won" a FAWM. The closest I got one year was, I think, 12 songs, which I was over the moon with. I have no goals this year other than to simply "get SOMETHING done, and more than one". Unintentional rhyme. . ...Unless?

Compared to last year I've made leaps and bounds when it comes to DI guitar tone, even if I haven't really played that much guitar. It's still not where I want it to be but man at least it's listenable now.

Shoutout out to me lovely friends and EMAWM compadres 🤗💞 @stickyfingers @spiffyflinger @silvermediapro @fmicale

That's London, Ontario, Canada to you! Not sure if there's a London in California. No, I really don't know.

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