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I’ll be traveling to Arizona with my band mates this February and still hoping to reach my goal. When I don’t have my studio equipment near by, or a guitar even... it will most likely get interesting.

In 2014 I was upgrading my studio software when I discovered a major incompatiblity issue. I went from recording in ProTools to GarageBand. I was relearning as I was recording, finding the layout and limitations of the software frustrating. It took me a year before I got ProTools sorted out. Meanwhile I recorded 5 good songs in GarageBand that I haven’t had the heart to go back to until recently.

I’m re-recording in ProTools one that I originally wrote as a metal song. Hard drums hard guitar... I found some drums (EZdrummer) with a layed back tempo and more of a blues feel that fit and completely changed the song. It’s beginng to be an interesting ride.

So this year, I’m thinking of throwing it all out the window to see what comes back. Maybe ice machine percussion. Looks like I’ll be recording in GarageBand again. 🤟🏽

Have a great ride this year, I may poke about for some colabs... keep me posted. Rawk on!

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