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Washington US   Feb 2019

Artist Bio

Influences:   Tegan and sara * Kimya Dawson * Rilo Kiley *Mal Blum * Mary Lambert * Julien Baker *Hayley Williams * The Beatles

Happy February.
I write about *insert adjective here* girls. My songs are generally sad and then sadder. Sort of bittersweet because I use humor to. I'm a sucker for songs with curse words in them. Hope y'all like. <3


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  • @feralrabbit Feb 23

    Thanks for your comment! I’m always highly mountain goats influenced so it comes out a lot haha.

  • @riffraff1990 Feb 8

    Hi @katmtl . Thanks for the interest! Is the link not working for you? Unfortunately this was the only way I can figure out for uploading. I do have a YouTube account but I don't like to use videos during fawm. I've heard that for some people you can only access Google drive uploads through either a handheld device like your phone or it might work better from a computer. I hope that helps! Thank you again.

  • @katmtl Feb 8

    How would I listen to your song? Does it have to be through Google?☺️

  • @katmtl Feb 8

    Hey there! I love Tegan and Sara, too! I’d love to your your stuff!☺️