Rick Mealey 14


  Mar 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   Beatles and Steelies and progressive rockers, jazzers and funkers and British-style poppers, symphonic composers who wrote horns and strings, these are a few of my...

Composer. Songwriter. Keyboardist. Vocalist. Padoosah.

Not promising 14 songs this year, but will hope for the best.


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  • @shortdan  Feb 7

    Super impressed you were able to identify the Mother 32 in that piece! The other oscillators in use are a TipTop Z3000 and a Make Noise STO (the latter playing the wandering lead towards the end).

  • @elainedimasi  Feb 6

    Lost Carcosa

    Wandering through the red-lit desert, you come across a great tree, at the root of which is a stone. Looking at the stone, you find that it is inscribed with your full name, the date of your birth, and - God in Heaven - the date of your death!

    Your mind bends. There are things - three things, that you can put a finger on - that you now understand. Perfectly.

    Unless - you're just being terribly superstitious?

  • @martinneuhold Feb 2

    Thanks for your comment...yes, there might be some Gilmour in my playing...Floyd is a major influence to me 😊

  • @humblecomposer  Jan 27

    Riiiiiick!!! Looking forward to a productive FAWM brother 😀

  • @nuj4x Jan 25

  • @elainedimasi  Jan 13

    So. We're going to work together, yes?