Rachel Garlin 27


San Francisco US   Feb 1


Artist Bio

Influences:   Patty Griffin Paul Simon Indigo Girls Tracey Chapman

Rachel Garlin’s April 2020 album Mondegreens plays like a love letter to today’s precarious times, each song evoking a blend of heartache and hope, social reflection and self-discovery. With no shortage of touch points to our current state of sheltering-in-place, the San Francisco songwriter's latest release includes “Out There,” an evocative story-song about a little girl who’s forced to stay inside. Garlin penned the song for the eponymous augmented-reality musical (Pollen/Wilkins) that premiered in Paris last October and features the voice of Grammy-nominated singer Vanessa Williams. Garlin’s acoustic version paints a poignant picture of a child’s longing for freedom and the fears that stand in the way.

The events of the day have created a sense of foreboding; something is imminent. But rather than flee fearfully from this danger, we might muster the courage to let go, like the birds that fly their way in and out of the silent, shaky, and sheltered landscapes of the moment, landing on rooftops to sing and be free.

Garlin lives in San Francisco with her wife and kids.


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  • @richaaaay  Mar 2

    Rachel, thanks for the comment on my Soundboard. I hold in high regard your Monday songwriter's circle crew. Such talent...It's been nice to listen to your music. Great stuff...

  • @markg  Feb 3

    Your soundtrack for Wiseman isn't working