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Finland   Jan 2016

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Influences:   Inspirations: Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Sufjan Stevens, José Gonzáles, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine, to name a few

Yay, FAWM again!

I've finished my studies now, so I think I'll finally be able to complete the challenge of 14 songs – and hopefully to also really dive in to the creatings of other fawmers as well!

I'll be working on my debut EP this spring (yay!), so I guess this year my personal goal for FAWM is to somehow deepen my vision and aesthetics. But I'll stick to acoustic stuff, since my laptop is giving me a hard time.. 😁 MIDI stuff will have to wait until next challenge.

Feel free to also give some (constructive) critisism! I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, dear fellow Fawmers!

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  • @scottlake 2 days

    I hope you are back this year. Perhaps a collab?

  • @leah0k 3 days

    I really hope you are back for 2019! I loved your music - actually I wish I could buy some from last year! Let me know if that is possible 😀

  • @timfatchen  4 days

    Looking forward to something distinctive, different and interesting from you.