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Augsburg DE   Dec 2015  

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Influences:   (Almost) all kinds of music from the sixties until now

Hi! reklov here, German songwriter and somehow-music-maker since about 30 years.

Last year's FAWM I was very busy doing my own music stuff, projects that had to be finished. This time I have no special plans and want to be completely free for the weirdest musical adventures! I hope to have enough time for this...

I wish you all a great time with FAWM 2019! 😀


FAWM's over! This year it wasn't a big fun for me because I felt very lonely and isolated. I started lately with a one-week delay. After doing an ambitious song with too little feedback I wanted to keep things much easier and lighter. And I needed a new concept that was more fun and faster to do. That worked! - The other side of the medal was that I was stuck on a heavy schedule so that I had to concentrate more on doing my own music than to listen and commenting others. So I feel a bit overlooked which is my own fault. It's my dilemma that I seem to need a concrete plan to start with, and then don't have the time to communicate with others. I want to change that, but still I don't know how...

So this is what I did this February:

1. A mini concept album simply called "Party" with "spartan music" - this means that I use only one single acoustic instrument as accompaniment, for this the songs have a more acapella style. The album is nearly finished except for two songs that are yet to do.
The album comprises songs # 2-6, 10 and 12-17.

2. One self-reflecting song ("Der rote Schal", # 1) as part of a "musical diary" that could be a part of a new album.

3. A "single" for my girlfriend with my Valentine's song ("Pluck my Strings, # 8) on it plus two acoustic "Spanish Tunes" (# 9 and 11) fitting on a visit card cd-r.

4. Three one-take improvisations: "Apollo Me Back" (# 7) of electronical nature as a result of a nightly two-hour session, "FAWM's End" (#19) as an acoustic elegy and "Der Mond stand am Himmel" (# 18) which is a very wild real time experimental suite with three sort of "songs" I did within a total time span of less than ten minutes.

I contributed to twelve challenges in total, but didn't take part at any skirmish this time.

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