Reggie Styte 5


Baltimore US   Jan 2015

Artist Bio

Influences:   Ale, various herbs & roots, recessive genes, the moon, laughter, shooting stars, clouds, birds, whiskey, fireplaces, redwoods, redheads, all types of pines & smiles, shadows of cactus, dusk, essential oils, gravity, summits, tragedy, smoke of campfire & song.

Fawm #4 for this vagabond.

Peace to meet you. I play an electric upright 4-string Palatino bass, an old acoustic Dean 4-string beater bass & a two-string electric Tobias Growler. Plan to add some basic percussion to some of the mixes & look forward to some collaborations with the cats in my alley.

My clowder:

Enjoy the demos! Thanks for listening!

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