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06451 US   Feb 2010  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequinn Ghosts, Soul Asylum, Nirvana, Bowling for Soup, Green Day, Guster

I like to do cool things and share them with other people.

This is my eleventh year FAWMing. I hope to try for fewer, more produced tracks this year instead of a lot of quick demos.

I like to hear your honest feedback; so be as brutal (or complimentary) as possible.


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  • @reboog711 Mar 7

    Just wanna thank everyone who took time to listen to something I did.

    I did listen to a lot of things, but did not comment too much this year. Thanks for sharing!

  • @franniezest  Mar 1

    Thanks for the comments on my songs! Congrats on hitting 14!!!(+)

  • @mikegtz  Feb 17

    HI Reboog, listening to the Time for Change song now. I had to look up the zip code and you are in Meriden, Conn. I'm in South Central Mass and we are sort of neighbors. Welcome!