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12534 US   Feb 2011


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Influences:   Ramones, Motorhead, Red Fang, Clutch, Joan Jett, Beartooth, Danko Jones, AC/DC

I've lost count what year this would be for me.
2018 and 2019 are a blur for me. Health changes and family situations took over my mental and emotional capacity.

But I now feel renewed in 2020! Thinking of starting with the idea of making Psychedelic Stoner Rock, and see where that takes me!

I get asked this a lot- how do I record?
I use Garageband with all free plugins.
i connect my fender strat and fender jazz bass straight into my laptop. Two tracks for each. Guitar is panned hard left and right.
Drums are the automated Garageband drummer that I tweaked and then edit to get the right fills.
Vocals are done using the audio-technica USB microphone.

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