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97202 US   Feb 2012

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Influences:   I'm kind of a sporadic music listener. The vast universe of music available on Spotify intimidates me, so I listen to podcasts. I've listened to a lot of Destoyer lately...and The Beths...and...

I picture myself as more of an conceptual artist than anything...endlessly pitching song ideas to my imaginary band, Fresh Spotless Youth. Generally speaking, "songs" I post here sound nothing like they would if FSY were better at executing. Self-deprecation aside, there will be 14 "songs" here at the end of the month, and I will love them all.
(I think of myself as the Justin Bieber of my generation, or the Sid Vicious of Justin Bieber's generation, or the Die Antwoord of the Napoleonic era, but people don't understand.)

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  • @vomvorton  2 days

    I went to see them last year, and due to personal idiocy I double booked with a friend's wedding. I went anyway but it involved sneaking out of the wedding venue after the meal, spending two hours on trains wildly overpopulated by football (soccer) fans and spending the night in a hotel. Possibly the most expensive gig experience of my life but sadly very little of the expense actually went to the band! It was worth it though. I chatted to the guitarist and bought a nice yellow t-shirt. Also they were great!

  • @vomvorton  3 days

    Likewise! Good to see you've also fallen for The Beths, what a band!

  • @expendablefriend  3 days

    Wotcha 😀

  • @tsunamidaily  5 days

    have the best FAWM this year!