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Portland, OR US   Feb 2012

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Influences:   I'm kind of a sporadic music listener. The vast universe of music available on Spotify intimidates me, so I listen to podcasts. I've listened to a lot of Destoyer lately...and The Beths...and...

What makes you alert is to be faced with a situation that is beyond your control. --Eno

Musically speaking, most situations are beyond my control. Sometimes I like the feeling of eternal beginner's mind, sometimes I don't.

I will collaborate with anyone who can tolerate my louche approach to music making.

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  • @jeustan  19 hours

    β€œYou gotta laugh at that one,” sticks with me into the cold months. I let the windows down, at least long enough for the chill to get too loud.

  • @klaus 1 day

    Hi Danny. Thank you for the welcome. Some might say that Ramones only had one set of lyrics too.

  • @caterwauler 1 day

    Haha, I knew you knew, no worries.
    Thanks, and keep being the custodian of the definition of greatness!

  • @caterwauler 1 day

    Hey there!
    It means I don't intend to take part πŸ˜€
    Wishing you a great FAWM!

  • @cleanshoes  2 days

    Thanks! I'm doing a little better these days, but still have to be careful. Happy to be here in whatever capacity. Looking forward to whatever you've got in store this year!

  • @outinpublicdrummer  2 days

    Thanks for the post! I like what I've heard on your soundcloud! πŸ˜€

  • @cts 3 days

    Hey! I thought I'd swing by and spread a little happiness as time goes by!

  • @jeustan  3 days

    Dude, I’m a fan of yours.

    I hope I finish one song.

  • @jeustan  3 days

    WOOP, it’s almost FAWM. Excited for more of your tunes!

  • @bitshred 4 days

    Good to see you yah here Danny. Back for your tenth FAWM. How time flies.

  • @vomvorton  5 days

    Oh I could definitely make a small playlist. But I don't get much enjoyment out of listening to an album. Game of Pricks is good though! And I'm enjoying this cover. Don't think I remember Rick Karr, where would I remember him from? Here?

  • @owl  6 days

    Have an excellent FAWM! You have definitely heard some of those GB songs back when they were just voice and ukulele or guitar demos, at the very least, so maybe some might sound familiar. Glad to hear Message Received was in rotation!

  • @vomvorton  1 week

    I hope FAWM's wound-healing power is in full effect! I'm sure I'm not the only person who needs it right now. You'll definitely be getting a ton of music though. I've already written a FAWM's worth of songs in January 😬

  • @coolparadiso 1 week

    As long as i am rocking when you are rolling we should be fine!

  • @coolparadiso 1 week

    Lets rock n roll!

  • @dzdandcunfsd  2 weeks

    yup! This was my original account I had some operator error getting into last year, so just started a new one.

    I'll change steel string acoustics usually every few years and hate that guitar for about 3-4months after. Anything else I'll keep them on until they deteriorate or I break one.