rangermike 14


Barrie CA   Jan 2020

Artist Bio

Influences:   Cassandra, Paul, Alexander, Chris , Garn, Barry, Diane, ABBA, Enya. Miss anyone?

Actually a retired forester but have been part of a jam/writer group for a couple of years now. My contributions will probably be very short, but sweet. New ground for an older guy (remember Sinatra, Como, etc?) so be nice!

The icon above is an Ent, or tree shepherd. Hope to include him in a song someday.


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  • @rangermike  6 days

    Cassandra, I am finally unzonged, thank you. And but an hour before midnight. Pheeew! Sure didn't think I'd make it until my dad came through. Yeehaw. Going through your songs , there's so much great stuff here, including the collabs.

  • @crutherford  6 days

    You made it to 14!!! Outstanding job Mike!
    Bravo on a great FAWM!

  • @moonraccoon  6 days

    My Grump and your Ent might be cousins 😉

  • @willow1 6 days

    Awww so glad you like it!

  • @mandolinda  3 weeks

    Happy Valentine's Day @rangermike . Love the music you are making.

  • @crutherford  3 weeks

    Mike! This is just a note to mention you have written 5 songs already and it's only day 10... Bravo fine sir, Bravo!!!

  • @theresaj  4 weeks

    Thank you for the encouragement, Mike! I appreciate your kind words greatly.

  • @rangermike  6 weeks

    Only did 4 last year. Probably not much this year, but I will at least graduate from Fawmling. I'll be listening a lot however