rangermike 6


Barrie CA   Jan 30

Artist Bio

Influences:   Cassandra, Paul, Alexander, Chris , Barry, Diane, ABBA, Enya . . . .

Actually a retired forester but have been part of a jam/writer group for a couple of years now. My contributions will probably be very short, but sweet. New ground for an older guy (remember Sinatra, Como, etc?) so be nice!

The icon above is an Ent, or tree shepherd. Hope to include him in a song someday.

Songs (6)

#1 Ranger Day One 8
Feb 1
#2 A Donald Trump Lament @kaibigan19 2
Feb 3
#3 Souls Adrift 2
Feb 4
#4 Brain Drain Regain, Again? 4
Feb 7
#5 Visiting Nature 1
Feb 11
#6 Conflict and Fear @kaibigan19 1
Feb 12


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  • @theresaj  Feb 8

    Thank you for the very nice message! I appreciate you listening!

  • @crutherford Feb 7

    Brain Drain Regain, Again? So fun! However - that last word - you goose! (or should I say duck)..

  • @crutherford Feb 6

    Mike! So you rerecorded the original on video and then used the audio? Bravo! Very clear sound!

  • @mikedelaney Feb 3

    Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.

  • @mrgee1952 Feb 1

    Gonna be an interesting month to say the least. 😎😎😎

  • @rangermike Jan 31

    Found him. Looks like the troops are gathering!

  • @crutherford Jan 31

    @rangermike !!! You made it! Over the moon about this! Have you found@mrgee1952 yet?