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Naranja, FL US   Jun 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   the pillows, The Beatles, The Chewinggum Weekend, work, school, @mattblick, Beatles Songwriting Academy, Paul Weller, Solomon Burke, Chuck Jackson, Baby Washington, Marvin Gaye, Birdie Green, Betty & Ray, The Pentagons


I'm a beginner at music but I strive to write a lot of songs! I will try to write short songs in a limited of time.
I also work at Publix as a bagger.

Despite joining FAWM first, 50/90 was my first FAWM experience, because I joined FAWM in June and 50/90 was just around the corner. I accidentally donated to 50/90 instead of FAWM! So i gave 50/90 and it a was mix experience. I made a lot of mistakes in the community, besides songwriting. I replied on my songs pages before knowing on replying on people's soundboards. lol I also didn't commented that much. I focused constructive criticism and that didn't went well with the community, and I've certainly regretted doing that, I'm awfully sorry for my actions if I've offended anybody on 50/90. I had a very bad experience of collaborating for the first time. I really was bad at it! I had poor communication with that FAWMer, and it was all of my fault for becoming such a hateful person towards that person.The good thing about 50/90 was I was able to make it to 50 and that I was proud of even though most my songs were just drafts.

In FAWM 2017, and my second FAWM experience was better. I learned to only provide positive comments instead of constructive criticism that left a good taste to the community. My collabs were more successful but mainly needing help to finish almost already done songs. I didn't collaborate with anyone on a fresh song. I took a week off from work to get an early head start! On the downside, I didn't participate in any challenges. I wasn't able to make to 14 because work became really busy for me. I didn't really do any real collaboration. I didn't comment much on people's songs.

In FAWM 2018, I had commented a lot more than my previous year, and I was able to make to 100! I was pretty satisfied with it!! I was able to do a real collab and it became successful one! I was able to record with an electric guitar this time around. On the downside, I was busy with work again, and this time I procrastinated too much! I was only able to come up with one song compared to my previous efforts four. But the song turned out to be surprisingly OK! So, that's not much of a downside but the lack of output truly is!! I also didn't had enough time to participate in other challenges. I wasn't able to purchase a new guitar before FAWM started. That was the guitar that I was supposed to record for FAWM, and thus leading to this, I also recorded my song with the wrong electric guitar, because that guitar was very uncomfortable to play! Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to make a better recording of the song. So I didn't achieved on working melodies right.

For FAWM 2019, I'm planning on going back to the basics of my first FAWM, concentrating on the songs over comments. I'm not planning to collab next year. I'm also going to mix in genres a bit.

I'm more of quantity over quality kind of guy. However, I tend to stick to a strict schedule of writing one song a day, and I tend to focus on one song at time. This system allows me to produce a better song than to work on as many songs a day. So it become more in the middle of quantity and quality, quanlity??


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  • @kc5 29 mins

    Thanks for checking out my lyrics on Soul Seed and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  • @gemhughs 2 days

    Thanks for your comment on Rocking All Night Long

  • @gemhughs 2 days

    Thanks for your comment on Told You So.

  • @mustanglola87 1 week

    Heyyy thanks for your comment 😀 you putting up some songs? Or not this year? Curious what you’ll write 😀

  • @timfatchen  1 week

    Constructive criticism is always difficult. I still do it at times where I really think a song is great, but oh! the pitfalls. That's a good bio, it'd be worth putting it up in forums as a post, perhaps "Learning experiences in FAWM". Thank you for that rapid apology in the "up the commenting rate" forum. I know, it seems unbelievable at first. When @popmythology went soaring off into the hundreds and eventually '000s of comments years ago, I so didn't believe it that I went and read a lot of his and was forced to realise the comments were real and the outcome of real listening /reading. It sure stung me, so I picked up my listening rate! and wrote more comments.And here I am... so; write a song and put it up (remember, FAWM is for _sketches_ not full symphonies!!) EDIT I only found out much much later that @popmythology was almost bedridden, seriously not well. His commenting kept him going, I suspect. See? different circumstances)

  • @igg 1 week

    Thanks for the kind comment on "Wind and Sea"...A very happy FAWMing to you!!

  • @treble  1 week

    @rainchaser I know this is off the wall, but you mentioned vertigo in a forum. I had this and it was difficult to diagnose. A doctor finally figured out I had SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome which happens when you go off an SSRI medication too rapidly. Easy fix. May not pertain to you at all, but fairly rare so mentioning on the off chance this might help. Vertigo is horrible! Hope you get relief soon!

  • @lhcisco  1 week

    The Pillows! Ride on Shooting Star was my jam. Still is!

  • @mattblick  1 week

    Hey there Curtis - good to see you!

  • @chipwithrow  1 week

    Looking forward to some music from you! I just got back from our neighborhood Publix, which is awesome. And I like your bio, too - good for you for how and what you've learned.

  • @cts  2 weeks

    All the best to you! Happy FAWMing!

  • @mfasize 2 weeks

    cheers bro I like having a deadline 2 go 2 I've made tunes in a day but always struggle with intros

  • @nuj4x 3 weeks

  • @metalfoot  4 weeks

    Hey! Here's to another FAWM! 😀