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Chicago, IL US   Jan 24

Artist Bio

Influences:   Rachael Davis, Joni Mitchell, May Erlewine, Jen Sygit, Jeremy Kittel (A lot of Michigan folk artists), Rend Collective, Steffany Gretzinger

I'm excited to explore and create more songs with you all. So grateful to @arose for telling me about this!

I write lots of songs with a folk-influence because I grew up in a family folk band in West Michigan. I play viola, violin, mandolin, baritone ukulele, keyboard and sing.

I released my first solo album in January 2012 called "Fragrance." You can stream on spotify or download on itunes or Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fragrance-Rach...

I've been working on a project called "Invisible Change" for quite some time- writing songs about Chicago's homeless community. The title song "Invisible Change" https://soundcloud.com/user4976958/in...
won a juried award during Grand Rapids' Artprize in 2016.

I have some classical degrees in viola performance and do some classical/ folk violin/ viola teaching as well.

Also, one of my favorite things I'm doing these days is with my hubby @justinbotz -we are in a silly kids band called The Lavender Cloud where we write songs about anthropomorphic animals and create YouTube videos about them.
Like this Grand Echidna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Buzn...


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  • @kovbleu  Feb 17

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on a couple of my songs. I'm falling so far behind in listening / commenting back. I play a lot around West Michigan but haven't participated in the Folk Festivals. I have a lot of friends that do/have though. 😀 They do sound like a lot of fun from what everyone says. I've wanted to go check out a couple for years but I do art shows during the summer and it seems to fly by in a blink. Never enough time! So cool that you grew up going and performing at them! I might try and go to Wheatland as an art vendor next year so we'll see. <3

  • @metalfoot  Feb 14

    For Gratitude Attitude, Georgie (@jibbidy34) who is a friend of mine sent me the words and I just kind of fiddled around with chords till I found some that I liked.
    As to how I write stuff so fast... I have no idea. Or I'd bottle it up and sell it. LOL. Just the way God designed my brain to work, I guess?

  • @amelea Feb 10

    That's awesome! Chicago and Minneapolis are both awesome (in my opinion) 😀

  • @andygetch  Feb 9

    Hi Rachael! Thanks for the comment on Tan Van Man and you asked how I did it. Short answer is I use Garageband and on this one I used a lot of echoey effects. My joking comment in the Slack chat was that I would do a pyschedelic version. Four different tracks each with a different effect (Echo Trim, Dyna-Trem, Dublin Delay, and Echolalia). Each was panned a little differently and with a splash of reverb, compression, chorus, and tremelo in the Garageband presets. The master track Garageband calls psychedelic effect added more echo, and a little phasing.

  • @larryw Feb 8

    Thanks for your comment about smile! Yes it is something we should all do more often 😀

  • @raemando Feb 8

    Thanks @metalfoot for the info on my links! Will edit!!

  • @larryw Feb 6

    Hi thanks for your thoughts on my song "Ignites" Totally get what you mean about the rhythmic thing, it was a quick rough demo last last night! It was more about me getting the concept down!

  • @arose  Feb 5

    And yes, I do want to hear your suggestion for melody on the last line of Belong! Especially if that's one I continue to develop post-FAWM!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 27

    (Oh, and your links are broken-- all you need to put in the FB/Insta/soundcloud links in your profile is just the user-id part eg. with my insta I just put in 'metalfoot76' and the site does the rest of the work)

  • @metalfoot  Jan 27

    Happy FAWMing! Looking forward to hearing your music... I love mandolin especially.

  • @arose  Jan 26

    Yay! So excited!

  • @justinbotz Jan 25

    Hi 😀

  • @andygetch  Jan 25

    Hi Rachael and welcome to FAWM!