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Oakland US   Feb 1

Artist Bio

Influences:   Beck, Elliott Smith, Jorge Ben, Sam Cooke, Tom Jobim, Beatles, Nigel Godrich, Zero 7, Hank Williams Sr., Prince, Jimi, Beach House, Django Reinhardt, Olodum, José González, Fruit Bats, Johnny Cash, The National, Django Django, Radiohead, Stereolab, The Clash, Danger Mouse, Other Lives, Rolling Stones, Pinback, Ennio Morricone, Bowie, Baden Powell, Bob Dylan's pen, and Schrödinger's cat.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter who's played in funk bands, emo power trios, indie cafe softrock groups, solo singer-songrwriter acoustic sets, and collaborated with DJs. All before becoming a girl dad. I took several years away from music to focus on building a popular crowdfunding social enterprise. Covid life has turned me back to my first passion--music. Influences are many and varied. I will add names as their presence emerges in the work. Most of my former collaborators are in the wind now so looking forward to honing my craft and maybe finding inspiration and collaboration along the way.

Songs (21)

#1 See Yourself 17
Feb 3
#2 Till the Final Sashay 10
Feb 4
#3 Jonny Got His Fun 12
Feb 7
#4 Fascinator 10
Feb 10
#5 Heed 10
Feb 11
#6 Troubletown 11
Feb 15
#7 Time to Fly 8
Feb 15
#8 Slipped and Read the News 18
Feb 17
#9 Blazing Arrow Part 1: Aim High 2
Feb 22
#10 Blazing Arrow Part 2: The Rise Of 1
Feb 22
#11 Rise of the Blazing Arrow (Parts 1 and 2) 11
Feb 22
#12 Carousel 11
Feb 25
#13 Weary As A Clock 12
Feb 26
#14 Midnight Oil 14
Feb 28
#15 Ooh Wah Boomba Yay (It's Over!) 4
Mar 1
#16 Placeholder Begin Again (working title) ZONG
Mar 1
#17 Placeholder Midnight's Muse (working title) ZONG
Mar 1
#18 Placeholder Human's Race (Working Title) ZONG
Mar 1
#19 Placeholder Starlight (working title) ZONG
Mar 1
#20 Placeholder Many Worlds (working title) ZONG
Mar 1
#21 Placeholder These Feelings (working title) ZONG
Mar 1


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  • @cleanshoes  4 weeks

    Hello! Wow, thank you so much for all the listens and comments! I'd absolutely love to collaborate sometime. I've listened back to Carousel and agree it could make a really nice duet. I'd be down to work on that any time; I'm also planning on being around for 50/90 this year. Feel free to shoot me an email (link in profile)!

  • @wolfkier 5 weeks

    care to help a little?

  • @nadine 6 weeks

    We've recorded real instruments for "Wrench in the works" and the instrumental is online now. It sounds different - Take a look. I think it's harder! The trem lead guitars were replaced by a lead solo because that sounded better. As for vocal arrangement my tendency goes to background choir layering. Let's see what the vocalist says.
    I am so excited about the final version, but I dont think we can make it until FAWM closes.

  • @driftwood1  7 weeks

    Happy to #tit4tat, I'll listen this weekend. Whatever tracks are fine.

  • @nadine 7 weeks

    Take your time. I am not in a hurry. And I won't be offended, if you're not coming to it. The comments you gave already helped a lot. And well... I hope you are not too shocked, that I'll promote my electronic stuff first. The FAWM productions may take a while. Just received the first bunch of stems yay!

  • @nadine 7 weeks

    I'm happy I found you and @davidtaro and that you get along so well. You're both splendid. And I love having geeky technical chitchat. I hope to hear from you soon at Soundcloud or so.
    I wrote your feedback down!

  • @davidtaro  8 weeks

    Hi Bennett, thanks so much for those comments and suggestions - hugely appreciated! At the moment I'm using that Decapitator plugin on ALL my vocals, plus bass guitar. But I suspect that's because I only just bought it. It works really well as a distortion (e.g. Love like a loaded gun and One Track Mind) but also as a saturation/warmth thing when you dial down the drive. Plus there's a mix control so you can be really subtle with it if you want. It's great basically. I should be getting commission at this stage I feel 😂... I really loved that Village Stompers track, those trumpets are so so cool. I've found one of the really great side-benefits of doing FAWM is being turned onto new music, so thank you! Having said all that, I think that kind of arrangement might be above my pay grade, so to speak 😅

  • @gnashattack  8 weeks

    Thanks for the listen on "A Million Boxes!" I'm gonna pay you back one now.

  • @davidtaro  8 weeks

    Hey there. I just hurled myself straight into the first couple (which have been great), but I'll have a go with those recommendations. For mine, I'd start with the ❤️s, but beyond that I guess whichever tags/titles take your fancy. Happy for feedback on any of it 👍

  • @shelleroo1  8 weeks

    Hey @radiobenedetto! You into a #tit4tat?

  • @davidtaro  8 weeks

    Hi @radiobenedetto , so I just left the world's longest comment on Slipped and Read the News. Fancy doing some #tit4tat? If you do, don't worry about a set number. It's all good 😀

  • @nadine 8 weeks

    Mixing guitars against vocals is one of my biggest troubles too! Especially the lead guitars always collide with the vocals of the singer of my band. He's a tenor with a very distinct head voice. I'd write backings with lower guitars but we don't do drop tunings and are more into the skate punk and alt rock sound which relies a lot on the mid-presence distortion. So the only thing I can do is to EQ them down. But I hate the sound of scooped guitars.
    Your voice is lower, has that baritone feel. If you record acoustic guitars with two mics I'd mix less of the corpse. You can try to do some EQ automation, lowering the bass and mid bass with a broad band when your vocal kick in. Another trick can be transient sharpening of the picking parts, but your transients are already clear!
    As for electric guitars you can try to use sounds with more mid high and high frequencies and drop some of the lower ones.
    I also started to use different reverbs on different singers and finding the right decay rate for for tempo and feel of the song. With your voice I'd prefer a warm verb with higher frequencies coming after the main vocal. Close to the type of reverb you use on "Slipped".
    Group compression or not is a matter of taste. I don't do any on my backing vox. I'm also not a fan of New York - at least on calm tracks. But I'm not a pro. Just a self taught nerd 🤓.

  • @nadine 8 weeks

    Thank you so much for your constructive feedback! It helps me a lot to improve. I am not in a hurry. Feel free to listen wherever you like. Even if you don't I will not be mad at you!

    Angel in Jeans
    Let's see what I can do about that harp. Listened to that song once again without the harp track and didn't feel like I missed something important. You're right that the vocals decide a lot of it. Caitlins voice has a high timbre, maybe it collides with some strings.I tried some bassy synths already but it didn't feel good at all. Maybe it's OK when the sound is angelic as hell (pun intended!) and the lyrics sets some counterparts.

    Don't tell me that it hurts
    Thanks again! I'm happy most people were able to have a slight impression of the vocal melody. I am looking forward to the recordings! Programming was tough here. I did most picking or strumming patterns by myself therefore I had to imagine how it is actually played with all these up/down strums, the length of the picked strings and even looking up some tabs. I hope we will also do some real guitars but we haven't agreed on that yet.

    Weight off my shoulders
    How come people think about James Bond? Anyway that's cool stuff! I written down your comment on that "now" let's see what works. The arrangement will stay sparse, maybe only one adlib and a subbass but that's it. @gammafied really rocked this one! So that's already a 80% version. I am looking for the final recording.

    Wrench in the works
    Yes the guitar programming is more advanced than 10 years ago, but I did a LOT of tricks. This demo does not include vocal line because it sounded really weird with the piano. The magic will happen with layering. Imagine the chorus vocals (I can't move) as monotone as possible over this big tremolo riff. This cognitive dissonance is done on purpose. The whole song should sound uncomfortable and powerful at the same time.
    We are already recording the final version. It will be harder than expected!

  • @nadine 8 weeks

    Hey thanks for your request! I'm in for #tit4tat and I already gave my reviews on the songs you recommended. Feel free to do as many you like.

    As you are also more on the arrangement and producer side, I'd like to have comments on "Angel in Jeans" (I feel like the arrangement is over dense), "Weight off my shoulders " (focus on production). If you like very hard electro I'd appreciate mix/mastering feedback on my nearly finished "All Hallows Eve". Maybe your very advanced fingerpicking style could make a top hit of "Going my way" where the guitars are programmed and still lacking of a collab. Though beeing a very raw demo, the song you'd enjoy the most would be "Dont tell me I it hurts" because its calm and melancholic.

    My music is not limited on genre and style. I have a knack for melancholic chord progressions. You will not hear any real instruments in these versiona. I'm deep into VST programming because piano is the only instrument I can play a bit. So i plan to finish the songs with better instrumentalists after FAWM and apply some mixing magic. So my workflow is completely different from most FAWMers who are mostly either songwriter or instrumentalist. I am songwriter first, producer second and not a singer or instrumentalist 😆

  • @ferry0123 8 weeks

    Oh, I know. Latency moments are bad moments for a human 😀

    Yes, that could very well be the cause.

  • @ferry0123 8 weeks

    Thanks for your thoughtful words after the fine advice you gave re: Handsome. The changing will be made to do the song more justice before posting it in the demos updated thread. Your words help!

  • @spazsquatch Mar 8

    Great idea about some musical element being in reverse for "Seeing It Backwards", at the very least it's something I haven't experimented with and experimenting is always fun. Combined with @wylddandelyon idea about the male and female melodies being revered version of each other... intrigued.

  • @seppo Mar 7

    re: No point at all.
    There is at 1:00 simple damped guitar wit higher notes which is clarifying slowly and at first it really sounds bit insane 😀
    I only have a old GarageBand, nothing more. Drums are from there too, just adjusted way I liked 'em.
    Guitarsounds are too from there, just testing and adjusting amp modellinds, cabs, mics and stuff inside the program. There is lot of stuff to adjust, I have only 2 months of experience of any kind of recording or software stuff so my skills are very limited, but I think I managed to get ok sounds out from there in few songs atleast.

    Bass is easier, it's mainly about the bass and the fingers what kind of sound I want to come out.
    Almost every song is pretty much nearly the same modern amp modelling with 8x10 cab simulator and rest of variations is just the way I play, or cut/boost from basses own pre amp.

  • @seppo Mar 7

    Thats funny how different ways people can get other peoples lyrics when they have something to grab on 😀
    For me the Last man standing was a summary of this crazy first fawm and I spill the madness what I felt during February there 😀
    It's kind of hard to show your feelings with bass and guitars, but I tried anyway 😀

  • @seppo Mar 7

    Thanks for tatting 😄
    I don't like to use any patterns, many times don't even have to be chorus or even any sane parts. I'm just playing with the feeling and see what's coming up 😄
    It might be a different thing if I could write lyrics, when it should make some sense.

  • @seppo Mar 7

    well, maybe "last man standing", "casters of the universe, "dadastik" and "no point at all" if you need action.
    leftovers and captain if chilled

  • @seppo Mar 7

    If you are up for some tit4tats, I'm up for 4?

  • @katestantonsings Mar 7

    Wow!! “I think the key is to let the song take you further than that first chorus impulse.” This. Thank you so much! Your comments have been super helpful. I want to grow as an artist, and I’m very appreciative that you took the time (and care) to leave such thoughtful and constructive comments. I 100% look forward to a collab!!

  • @richaaaay  Mar 7

    I'm so impressed. Don't even really know what to say but you definitely are firing on all cylinders. Your lyrics, singing, phrasing, dynamics and musicality. Just brilliant. I got the better of this tit4tat...Thanks for the kind comments. Keep making music. I hope to hear more next year...Bravo!

  • @wolfkier Mar 7

    heads up. with @seppo start at #9 and or #13.

  • @richaaaay  Mar 7

    Looking forward to listening. Gonna do it when I can listen through headphones. Thanks for the kind words Your feedback means a lot to me. Your music is fantastic and I have total respect for your musical sensibilities. Pure pleasure to listen to your music...

  • @wolfkier Mar 7

    if/when you go to @driftwood start at his #9, really nice.

  • @richaaaay  Mar 6

    I've quite enjoyed two of yours so far. I'll get to the next couple later on. Really impressed with your music and I can't wait to hear more...

  • @katestantonsings Mar 6

    And after listening through, you write some catchy chorus hooks!! Great work!

  • @katestantonsings Mar 6

    I’m so glad I discovered your music!! I very much enjoy your style and songwriting skills. #tit4tat

  • @wolfkier Mar 6

    Hey wanna poke @driftwood1, @sepo, @katestantonsings with their initiating #tit4tat. I thnk you might enjoy them. 😀

  • @richaaaay  Mar 6

    Four sounds great. I’d recommend any with hearts (Marco? A top choice), plus The Rock, Howl’n or The Cyclone.

    You want to steer towards anything in particular?

  • @richaaaay  Mar 6

    Any interest in a little #tit4tat?

  • @ferry0123 Mar 6

    Hey, thanks for your listens and suggestion. A friend of mine actually urge me to re-structure too (he said the chorus I have now should be a bridge) in 'Handsome'. And I will work on the song with him - I'll take your suggestions as welcome tips too and see what happens.

    I'll be back for more #tit4tat business.

  • @nahlej381  Mar 5

    6 sounds good to me! I just quantized the needle scratch bit.

  • @wolfkier Mar 5

    Robert, I was just about come note you when you chimed in on the forum thread. Thank you so much for your time and very astute, immediately practical, obviously experienced input in your deep dive earlier today. Much much appreciated. I'll be back to repay your kindness very very shortly. No later than tomorrow, but maybe starting in the next little while. Hoping I can go 2-7 with you uninterupted when I do. Looking forward to it.

  • @gm7  Mar 5

    Thx for the rather detailed review of The forever Dance. Glad u liked it. Much appreciated.
    Congratulations on making 14plus for this year.

  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 4


  • @zecoop  Mar 4

    Yeah, my heart jumped when Holly got the the sunlight/moonlight part. I was completely floored. And I was just as surprised as anyone about the toy piano & steel drum compatibility. Thanks for listening!

  • @zecoop  Mar 3

    I've met a lot of people in the 11 years I have done this and luckily a lot of folks that like to write songs with me. This is such a great place. I really enjoyed your music and will definitely be taking in more. Congrats on the win! 😀

  • @jasperlewis Mar 1

    Congrats on finishing the FAWM challenge! And thank you for listening & leaving notes. Before I was using Reaper. I like the built in electronic sounds that Reason has, and it's arranging tools. With reaper it's a bit easier to edit real audio but I think Reason is nice for someone like me who doesn't mind leaning into some mixing presets. Also the faux analog interface makes a lot of sense to me because I like to visualize things in terms of their real world counterparts. I'd also like to give Ableton a spin one of these days.

  • @johnnyjustice Feb 25

    Thank you for listening! Also for giving me the tip to include the original song in the liner notes — it’s there now! It’s a remix of an acapella tune we did earlier this FAWM

  • @erucaesounds  Feb 24

    Thanks for your kind words on 'To Dream Of Wild Horses', much appreciated.

  • @ozcompr  Feb 19

    Thanks for all the feedback on Pieces and thanks for listening!!!

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 18

    @radiobenedetto that is high praise! Thank you! And thanks for listening to The Major And The Minor!

  • @jgoren Feb 18

    Thanks for the comments 😀 And especially for recommending my song, means a lot!

  • @hbusse  Feb 18

    Thanks so much for the generous comment on My Dear Heart. I absolutely love the word picture you painted about the voice emerging from a chrysalis. I hadn’t even thought of that, and it was like an epiphany for me when I listened again with that picture in my mind!

  • @sbs2018  Feb 16

    Thanks for the comments on "Andre's Song." And hope the Charley Brown comment wasn't too painful. Ooops!

  • @apolez3 Feb 15

    Well, thanks for giving it a go... I bet it was good..

  • @apolez3 Feb 14 Can i tempt you .... just need vocals i wrote lyrics to someone's music, and they said i could use the music with another collab to sing .. nudge nudge lol...

  • @gnashattack  Feb 13

    Thanks for the comments and feedback on "Complex." That line with "aviator ghost" in it is a reference to my first apartment being haunted. I think...? I remember waking up in the middle of the night and very clearly seeing a massive dark mass next to be bed, then moving away from me and through the wall. My boyfriend at the time who was sleeping over said that he woke up at the same time but saw a man in an aviator jacket and glasses looking at us. Spoooooooooky.

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 11

    Thanks for the YT link. Wax Tailor is new to me. Coffee Break is public domain do go right ahead. Interested to hear what you’ll do with it. If you sample from my Time For Coffee Break album, please link back to it on my Bandcamp. Cheers!

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 11

    Thanks for your thoughts on Forty Billion Enemies. I don't listen to hip-hop or trip-hop so I wouldn't have heard them there. This is my third FAWm mining those samples and I think I'm starting to run out. Time for something new.

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 11

    Hi and thanks for our comments on “Distracted.” High-five on your masked profile photo too. 😊 I look forward to checking out your music soon.

  • @kajati Feb 11

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 9

    Thanks for visiting my song. I'm enjoying listening to yours too!

  • @steffan  Feb 5

    Oh man! It would be an honor! Can't wait to hear it!

  • @apolez3 Feb 5

    Yeah.. so If you like anything I ever write to put into like vocal and music that would be extra amazing.

  • @apolez3 Feb 4

    Thanks for the weird tip, i feel inclined to give you one. Well I basically mainly writing lyrics now so ... when I put them down I write what comes to mind thinking maybe in that order, then somehow I seem to play with the words and phrases there re-arranging and Idk words then come to me to add and it's like I sometimes wind up eliminating a lot of potential but just didn't work or wasn't for the good.or other? I had thought of a few words the other day to explain this more clearly but the words are not coming to mind atm.. I mean I would think everyone I suppose does similar.. really I have no clue tho. 😝 Maybe it's not weird enough lol, but .. guess maybe you'll have to discover it .

  • @frenchcricket Feb 4

    Thanks! There’s basically the clean sound, the fuzz sound, and 2 sort of texture tracks. The latter is low in the mix and with a narrow eq band. 3 of them are double tracked (with subtle differences occasionally occurring).

  • @elesimo  Feb 3

    Welcome to FAWM! I lived in Oakland back in 2017-2018 and I miss it. Have a great productive month! 😀

  • @apolez3 Feb 3

    Hey, Welcome to FAWM,,,so Glad you came 😉 & Happy FAWMing FAWMling~