Rabbeatz 10


BE   Jan 2019


Artist Bio

Hey hey y'all, second FAWM, been away for some time but now I'm back for more heat! I'm a "music producer" from Belgium (as a hobby, not professionally) who's really into chill music, Lofi Hip-Hop and much more!
You can always contact me to collaborate.
Enjoy my music and feel free to give me feedback! 😀


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  • @rabbeatz Feb 7

    @faceofeinstein Thanks bro 😁
    Glad to see you too, been a long time! And of course mate, if you like a particular beat I already made (for example "Lava", one of the dopest beats I have in my opinion) feel free to send me a message and I'll send you the file, or if you wanna go from scratch and make the whole thing together that's fine by me too 😉

  • @faceofeinstein  Feb 7

    Hey man, great to see you back!
    Looking forward to hearing some new beats, and perhaps a second collab?