Richard Provan 10


Whitehorse CA   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Tom Waits Steve Earle, David Bowie, Counting Crows.

FAWM 3! I play guitar, mandolin, mouth harp and plink away on the keyboard.

I'd be happy to contribute mouth harp or mandolin to one of your songs. Let me know.

I love the story telling aspect of songwriting, and look forward to stretching out from my default folk and blues.

I record through either an iConnectivity Audio 4+ or Apogee One audio interface to my iPad running Auria Pro, with a few fun music apps thrown in.

The drums on many of my tracks are courtesy of’s iOS apps. Rock Drum Machine, Soft Drummer and Mid East Drummer were three that I used but they have a bunch more. Big and beautiful sounds in stereo, great presets with lots of customization options. Highly recommended.

I’m happy to receive constructive criticism on my songs.


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  • @sunnymae  Apr 18

    Hi Richard... so nice some of us are still lurking. I'm so glad you enjoyed my piano song Rise. Yeah I think the new equipment helped me get a cleaner recording and I'll be going back into a better Studio for overdubs. So glad you enjoyed the listen. Hope you had a wonderful FAWM!

  • @darcistrutt  Mar 15

    Thanks for your words. I couldn’t have made 14 without my son seeing my need and stepping in to give me a couple hours each week to create! FAWMstock will be my first multiple day respite! I’m beyond excited...and nervous too.

  • @siebass Mar 11

    @quork up to you, whichever you prefer. I mostly want to help finish what folks want finished. I can also work on the Mars song if you want to work on Tiger.

  • @splittybooms  Mar 10

    That's awesome that you son dug my phone song! Wondering if he's a kid; because its something about knowing you were able to capture the attention of kid with your music - its Their wonderment and imagination is so vast, that it's cool to know something you created was able to appeal to that imagination and wonderment. But if he's grown - still, just makes me feel great to know people like something, y'know?
    Curious - are you gonna be doing 50/90? Hope to see you around there if so!

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 8

  • @mikeb Mar 8

    Thanks for the listen and comment on 'Bridges' - I found it quite a challenge to do a song with only 2 chords (not including the inversions)!

  • @barbara  Mar 8

    Thanks for visiting. I’m happy for the impetus to come and check out more of your work. You have a way of touching very real emotional experience and putting it across in words. A real gift.

  • @edwardsmusic Mar 8

    Hi Richard. Thanks for your kind comment on "My Plans Don't Come to Fruition".
    I actually don't think I was going for a menacing vocal on that song; I reckon my vocals for other tracks such as "Obsession" or "Leave Me Alone" fit that description!

  • @zecoop  Mar 7

    The first solo ended and I left some room for the eventual fade out/in - same track. Started with that awesome bass line which took us a while to figure out, but in the end it worked out so well, and Steven really knocked it out of the park with his vocal and lyric. Awesome attitude. Thanks for the listen! 😀

  • @monty  Mar 5

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my collab with @sheilerk . I agree need to get it sung. 😀

  • @gemhughs Mar 5

    Some of the songs I did this year did not have vocals... The videos only show the lyrics of the lead instrument playing over the background tracks.

  • @siebass Mar 5

    @quork Thanks for the comments on Blue Thoughts and Money from the Sparks. Blue Thoughts particularly I thought it would be fun to juxtapose the depressing lyrics with a major-feel uptempo punk rocker, glad it kept you entertained.

  • @cynthiawolff  Mar 5 have a killer not so much!
    I am writing down Soft Drum apps now..
    Thanks for all the super advice

  • @majordanby  Mar 5

    Thanks for your listens and comments.

    Dan’s the brains and has the recording equipment. His songs are the polished ones with the more relatable lyrics. Mine are thevthe more shambolic efforts with looser lyrics.

    I use Dan’s account as I would not post my own songs as I can’t sing and do not have the technical no how.

  • @johnstaples  Mar 5

    And you have already imagined the cover art for our double A-side release! "Alvin with a double whiskey in one hand, cigar in the other and panties on his head"

  • @johnstaples  Mar 5

    Thanks for your comments on Bring Back The Chipmunks. How about we make Raining Underwear and Bring Back The Chipmunks a double A-side? 😀

  • @eargoggle  Mar 3

    Hey I like your Alzheimer's song from last year! 'They got the wrong guy' to 'am I the right guy', that's good. And did I hear "my own personal Brexit"? Ha! Great line.
    Yes it is a heavy subject, my stepdad is in the latter stages of it, and I think the only way I can deal with it is by making up fantastical narratives around it....
    Anyway thanks for listening....

  • @sueawesome  Mar 3

    hey there, sir, was wondering if you could email me the mp3 of the collab. also had a question about it that I want to email you as well. : )

  • @matthew62  Mar 3

    Thanks for the listen and comments regarding Talking to the Moon. Much appreciated.

  • @splittybooms  Mar 2

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for continually stopping by and your encouragement.
    Congrats on the new job - a worthy reason to spend less time here, for sure. You won anyway, in my opinion - you put out great music.
    Here's to next year!

  • @saulius Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment on Heartbreak. And yes, I recorded everything on the Apollo Twin using the UA-610 plug-in. Then I also add a UA Fairchild compressor plug-in on the stereo out, which takes the mix down a bit hi-fi wise, but glues everything together. The UA reverb is so yummy that I tend to overuse it.

    I just read that you use Apogee - that's a great preamp. I had one for a while and used it to record straight onto my iPad. I also used Auria as my DAW. It was a good solution. The DA especially was outstanding, possibly better than the Apollo. I only returned it because the iPad was too small to serve as my only tool for recording and producing, so I took the plunge and went with MacBook Pro and the Apollo.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 19

    Hey thanks for stopping by again! Yeah I'm stuck at 11 now lol
    Actually think I might scrap one of the songs, so I'm probably really at only 10...
    Home stretch though, man...only 6 more for you, too!

  • @mikegtz  Feb 19

    Hi Richard, nice to meet you here.

  • @majordanby  Feb 17

    Thanks for commenting on Bleach My Bones. Neither myself or Dan are guitar noodlers, so hats of to Dan who channeled something from somewhere.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 16

    Thank you for your comment on "I've Heard It All! Say It Again!!". I could do better on the recording but I did not want to waste too much on it when I have other songs to write as well.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 12

    Hmmm...I had to look at my session to see how many sounds I used on You Brought Me In...
    22 individual channel 1 bus for my individual drum tracks...
    Although the "brought me in" vocal is just one sample, but I pitched one down and gave it its own track.
    Thanks for asking me, I never really pay attention to how many tracks I have in a given song! And I'm glad it came together instead of crashing terribly!

  • @phylo  Feb 12

    Thanks for your kind words. Nice. Well, if you ever find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area, please look me up. I'd play music with you anytime!

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 12

  • @skylermf  Feb 12

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my songs!

  • @jsini  Feb 12

    Thank you for your comment. Greatly appreciate it.

  • @gemhughs Feb 2019

    Thanks for you comments on “Mine (Lyrics)“!

  • @berni1954  Feb 2019

    Thanks for giving all 7.33 of my epic about the Spanish Civil War a listen.

  • @gemhughs Feb 2019

    Thanks for you comments on “Hat“!

  • @terriellen Feb 2019

    Thanks for commenting on my song black door!

  • @wacha  Feb 2019

    Thanks for the comment on "Mallory's Lament". I find the cajon works well on certain songs and demos. Some songs really benefit from a full kit and real drummer.

  • @splittybooms  Feb 2019

    Last year it was vocal samples, as well; with everything else played by me.
    Since I've found Splice, I've become even more obsessed with vocals, as its so fun playing around with them. Plus I don't sing, so...
    I've also come to really love messing around with guitar samples; another instrument I can't play. You might hear some examples of that this year...maybe.
    But man, really loving your stuff this year! You have a unique voice that can do a lot of different styles, and that gritty bluesy vibe of Fly...THAT'S good stuff, man!
    Here's to the rest of the month!

  • @jackketch Feb 2019

    Thanks for your comment on my sea shanty! Yes, I guess those guys must have gone through the rest of their lives reflecting on how lucky they were. If you like this kind of thing, I highly recommend Shackleton's 'South' or Alfred Lansing's 'Endurance' which are both amazing tales of fortitude and suffering and buggering on against all odds..

  • @splittybooms  Feb 2019

    Hey man, thank you for the kind words. I remember you from last year, after I dropped out. Glad to see your name.
    So for the song No Excuse, the "there is no excuse" vocal is a sample from Splice. Everything else is just me.
    On Hold Me, all the vocals are Splice samples.

  • @kovbleu  Feb 2019

    Thank you. Thank you for the comment and for listening to both of those songs. Your words mean a lot. <3

  • @oldlostjohn  Feb 2019

    Hi Richard! I've had a few other things to sort out, so I'm a little late with both writing and listening but I'll catch up!

  • @wacha  Feb 2019

    Thank you for the kinds words on "With all of Your Might", that one ended up better than I expected.

  • @im1happycamper Feb 2019

    The Silver Fox!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 2019

    Thank you for the visit, the listen, and the kind words. 😀
    I had fun pushing myself out of my comfort zone with that one and recording it without all my usual tech, so it's really appreciated when listeners enjoy it!

  • @ahasuerus Feb 2019

    Cheers quork. Definitely watching your space.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 2019

    Hi, I saw your post in the NH thread, are you from NH?