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LjungĂ„sa SE   Feb 2017  

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Fawm 2020.
I am sorry to say that I wont be able to contribute with much this year since I will be spending some months in India and will pretty much be off grid in any aspect.
This is in FAWM perspective sad since I was looking forward to some collaborations (especially wit @tangle and @sueawesome) but reckon it will happen 2021 or some other time.
I did write a song though about my trip I'd guess and it includes a recipe for Daal. If you are interested I will send the recipe to you in english.
Here is the song.
Peace my friends.

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  • @dutch1967 Feb 1

    Hej! I'll try your Daal recipe this month. Sad to not have your music to look forward to, but hej, it's semla time soon. There is no pain when there are semlor. (?albumtitle?)

  • @oddaustin Jan 24

    I wish you good fortune in the carnage to come.