Todd Gehman 7


NYC US   Jan 2010  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Elliott Smith, Gillian Welch, Pixies, etc

My long, sordid history of speed-writing and speed-recording and speed-fake-mixing and speed-pretending-to-master songs to fit annual themes:

2021 FAWM - [posted 4, tracking 5, writing 6, scrapped 4] songs about 2020
2020 FAWM INCOMPLETE - 5 drinking songs
2018 FAWM INCOMPLETE - 5 songs about globetrotting
2016 FAWM COMPLETE - 14.5 songs about New York City
2015 FAWM COMPLETE - 14 songs about Ballard, Seattle

2008 NaSoAlMo INCOMPLETE - 11 songs about random Wikipedia articles
2007 NaSoAlMo COMPLETE - 18 songs about NaSoAlMo itself
2006 NaSoAlMo COMPLETE - 12 songs about photography
2005 NaSoAlMo COMPLETE - 9 songs about watermelons

I mostly do arranged songs and work with live instruments except when Logic plays the drum kit or MIDI conducts the occasional string arrangement. I once had a home studio where I could track rudimentary drums live, but I've never had a home orchestra–not even a rudimentary one.

As of Feb 14th I'm expecting to finish because despite being a jaded curmudgeon with winter allergies that undermine vocal takes every year I am also a delusionally optimistic amateur enthusiast.


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  • @heuristicsinc  Feb 15

    Yeah, my daughter was objecting to the children's music label, since she said that should be music for children, not music by children... but when I asked her what I should label it instead she decided it should be children after all 😀

  • @tjeff  Feb 4

    I appreciate the comments on Cheyenne - thx for listening! Gonna check out Waxwings, I see they are on Spotify.

  • @mikeskliar  Jan 29

    welcome back!