Hereford UK   Dec 2011  

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Influences:   Neuroticfish, Celldweller, Nobuo Uematsu, Mortiis

My name is Peter Joll, and PTR is the name I go by for my synth orientated music. 2018 will be my 7th year of FAWMing, but will honestly probably be my least enthusiastic year, having not done a great deal since last year's FAWM (and also because I'm expecting my 2nd child at the start of March).

Nexagen is the name I use for my metal/hard rock guitar orientated music. My debut EP under the name was a bit of an experiment with a lot of synths mixed in, but future output will likely feature a lot less synths to better differentiate between Nexagen and PTR material. It's all instrumental stuff as I have no ability to sing.

I will be using FAWM to write fresh songs for my PTR project. For my Nexagen material, it will be a mix of new songs and resurrecting old ideas that were never finished songs.

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