Melody Klein 14


Haifa IL   Jan 2010  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Everything under the sun, and then some more.

Hi all, Melody here. 35 year old music chick from Israel. Pronouns: she/her

My new year's resolution for 2020 was to write 6 songs every month (for a grand total of 72+ songs, as opposed to the 66 total I wrote in 2019, where my resolution was to write 10 each month for the first half of the year). I fulfilled that resolution

What's my resolution for 2021? Well, there wasn't one. The idea was mostly to chill out and take it easy, but I might as well knock out 14 new ones for FAWM for fun.
You're welcome to come listen to the rest of my work on my bandcamp site (that is full of NSFW cover images, be warned.)

Propellerhead Reason 10
KRK RP6G2 monitors
Nektar Impact LX49
Behringer Uphoria UMC202HD
Devine BM-500 microphone
A gorgeous pink saxophone (unbranded)
Fender CD220SCE guitar
Fully custom electric guitar (unbranded)
Behringer B-1 microphone
Hohner Marine Band (G harmonic minor) harmonica
Some different ethnic flutes
Rack Extensions:
Audiorealism ABL3 1.1.1
iZotope Inc. Ozone Maximizer
Softube Saturation Knob
Polyverse Comet
Lectric Panda Fritz
Orchen K Glitch

My liveact rig (though not likely to use it for FAWM) :
Elektron Machinedrum UW MKII
Roland TB3
Behringer TD3 (purple!)
Roland JD-Xi
Elektron Analog 4
Zoom MS70CDR
Behringer Q1002USB

--Have a great FAWM, everyone. 😁


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  • @timfatchen  4 weeks

    You commented on @sheilerk 's "Promise Rings and Diaries". Demo is now up. (Not quite at the deathknock! Still 3 weeks before site shutdown!!!)

  • @emkaydeebee  6 weeks

    You’re welcome! Cool to hear your stuff! I’ve entered the Spintunes thing too, so will be hearing more of you I hope!

  • @laotranati 7 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on my song A veces, and congrats on finishing 14 songs!

  • @jdschramm  7 weeks

    Thanks for all your comments this FAWM Melody!

  • @tukayandryan  7 weeks

    Thanks for your lovely comments on 'Passage of Time' πŸ˜€

  • @tawalker 7 weeks

    Many thanks for your kind comment on "When Spring Came" - yes, my wife loved it! 😁 I'm queueing up some listening/commenting for the next couple of weeks, so will catch up with a few of yours shortly!

  • @scottlake 7 weeks

    Psy-t is a song by Bob Seger.

  • @davidtaro  7 weeks

    Hey Melody, thanks for the kind comment! I've popped over to check out your stuff, and am now getting major gear envy looking at that list in your bio 🀀

  • @hmorg  7 weeks

    Thanks for the comment on "Monolithic Halls"! Yeah, I know the vocal style(s) can be divisive, I used to hate harsh vocals too, back when I first got into metal in the late 90s. But it's an acquired taste, I kept listening to some things despite the vocals because I liked the other parts and whaddaya know, a year later I was growling myself. Anyways, I meant to do clean vocals for the first vocal bit but being bad at singing and writing vocal melodies, I got frustrated before I got it to work. But we're gonna rework the song with my band and add the clean vocals.

  • @rbmarty000  7 weeks

    Ok I see you have a link.. very interesting.. modern production - almost foreboding sense.. To Felline Thoughts

  • @safred 7 weeks

    Thanks a lot for your feedback on Earth Grounded, really appreciate it πŸ˜€ I see your also a bit of a Roland fan, the bassline is from the SH01A (wish it was a SH101, but hey ho πŸ˜‰)

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    Okay..I see you've emailed me stuff and instructions. Leave it with me then. Cheers

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    Quick work! Okay so music - do you want to create a dropbox folder and drop stuff in it...or something else ?

  • @oddbod  7 weeks

    Hi Melody, Do you have lyrics already? I don't think I've got much in the way of words left in me at the moment, I feel like I'm running out of steam.

  • @mahtowin 8 weeks

    Thanks for your comment on Earth-grounded ! 🌻

  • @gm7  8 weeks

    Thx for kind words on "Wondering" was a fun collab

  • @stephenwordsmith  8 weeks

    Damn right, you're enough.

    Thank you for listening and commenting.

  • @elliottlawrence Feb 17

    Ha, glad you can relate about having so many song ideas! It is so tempting to just start from scratch all the time. It seems like you still manage to be pretty productive though with your song output. 😁

    Also, I appreciate the constructive feedback too! I totally agree that the verse melodies on my last song need some tinkering. Something to revisit in March when the time crunch is over. πŸ˜€

  • @looprication  Feb 17

    WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW thanks for your comment on Starburst, about the best compliment I've ever received here.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 17

    BAH! you and your 303s. WAR 909! Wait, is that thing silver as well? BAH! whatever. Thanks for the listen πŸ˜€

  • @vxi Feb 10

    Hi there Melody! heard some of your stuff on Bandcamp, and checked out your general vibe on things via your social media outlets. Great stuff and cool attitude! as they say in your country, it is "ben zona!" lol truly masterful stuff, with a haunting atmosphere!

  • @krayzie003  Feb 10

    Hey, I kind of got lost on your Bandcamp page. Lots of great music there. I followed you so I can keep up with what you create. I'll definitely be listening to a lot more of your music when I get the time.

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 10

    Hi, Melody. Thanks for the comment.

    By way of explanation - house prices are rising so absurdly fast here in NZ (and in Wellington especially), that my house is effectively making more money than I am.

    Overall, it's on considerably more than the living wage, but if you divide it up room by room it works out as something a bit closer.

  • @blindkiwi  Feb 10

    Thanks for the kind words Melody πŸ˜€

  • @akokulit Feb 9

    Thanks again for listening to my song. πŸ˜€

  • @stephenwordsmith  Feb 8

    Hi, Melody. I've already got my antennae out for my next compilation, so I would love to have a copy. You can send it to the e-mail address as per my profile.

    Thanks for the demo. It was the sort of lyric that openly defies being put to music, but your treatment of it allows this defiance to sit in the context of non-silence anyway. You've pleasantly surprised me, which FAWM has a habit of doing.

  • @twyllodrus Feb 8

    Cheers for your nice comment on "Algorithm is a Dancer".

  • @willyviste Feb 8

    Thank you for your comment on "Broken Pipeline". Really appreciated:)

  • @arkka  Feb 7

    Thank you!

  • @berni1954  Feb 7

    "Congrats on reaching 14 so early...."

    Thanks! it was helped by good collaborations and also being so psyched up for this one after a year of no live gigs and a single rehearsal with my band back in mid-summer... Sigh.

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 6

    Thank you for your comments on Sonata in Gm...much appreciated.

  • @elliottlawrence Feb 5

    Hi again, Melody! I'm looking forward to hearing your music again this year. πŸ˜€ Best of luck getting to 14 songs!

  • @wingandwaltz  Feb 5

    Hi @psyt! My demos, haha! Are terrible generally speaking. I try to get a guitar/vocal down on my phone on the weekends. I have a little bitty bit of recording equipment but as of now, have yet to find a space to set it up. (Too many people in a small space and creaky old house.) I can’t let the my high level recording ineptitude stop me from writing. (Especially hard when I hear beautiful music like yours!) Thanks for checking in!

  • @rickachu Feb 4

    Thank you for the listen ❀

  • @cowex  Feb 3

    Done! Thanks for the nudge. I'm really self conscious about the fact that I forgot how to mix πŸ˜ƒ

  • @laytay Feb 3

    glur. no words. this put me in a state.

  • @katmtl Feb 3

    Hello! Thank you for
    listening to Mesmerized! ❀️❀️

  • @robynmackenzie  Feb 2

    Um, absolutely! @katmtl and I are actually married, lol!

  • @cts  Feb 2

    Hey Melody! Welcome back and happy FAWMing!

  • @philnorman  Feb 2

    It was the lack of SSL on my old webhost... it's working now

  • @hbusse  Feb 2

    Thanks for listening to my song Flutter. Happy FAWM to you!

  • @philnorman  Feb 2

    What browser were you using when my song wouldn’t play? Oddbod had the same thing happen and I’m trying to find a common denominator to bug report...

  • @chasingandromeda  Jan 16

    Hoping to hear from you this year! Always love your work!

  • @looprication  Jan 16

    Hi Melody! Happy FAWM, represent for us FAWMtronica folks!