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Influences:   Everything under the sun, and then some more.

Hi all, Melody here. 33 year old music chick from Israel.
I started 2019 with a song-a-day project, and I kept at it for 12 days. As I was doing my regular backups I realized that 12th song also happened to be my 300th song ever written, and decided to stop at that nice round number, before burning out (even though 303 would be more appropriate for me). I'm gonna do FAWM for February, aiming for the full 14 (since 314 is also a nifty number. 😝 it should also come with some pie.)

M-Audio Axiom25
KRK RP6G2 monitors
Propellerhead Reason 10
tc electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 audio interface
Behringer B-1 microphone
Fender CD220SCE guitar
Hohner Marine Band (G harmonic minor) harmonica
Some different ethnic flutes
Rack Extensions:
Audiorealism ABL3 1.1.1
iZotope Inc. Ozone Maximizer
Softube Saturation Knob
Jiggery Pokery Steerpike BBD Delay
Jiggery Pokery Animus Shimmerverb
Lectric Panda Fritz
Lectric Panda Nostromo
Orchen K Glitch

My liveact rig (though not likely to use it for FAWM) :
Elektron Machinedrum UW MKII
Elektron Analog 4
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop
Zoom MS70CDR
Behringer Q1002USB

--Have a great FAWM, everyone. 😁

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