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55126 US   Jan 2015

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Influences:   Weezer, The Strokes, No Doubt, Elliott Smith, Arctic Monkeys, Tegan and Sara, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, M2M, Phantom Planet, Paramore, Marit Larsen, Evan Sakamoto, Panic! at the Disco, Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, Sleater-Kinney, The Young Veins, mxmtoon, Tessa Violet, Foo Fighters

Heyo! I'm Johnny. I play bass and sing in an alternative band called Lonely Enclave (I'm also in a band called The CRTs and was formerly a member of a band called Blank Caskets) and I run a YouTube channel called Jonii where I talk about obscure/forgotten media, mostly video games. This is my seventh year of FAWM. I kind of fell off the place of the planet during the last go-around. Hoping to get back to basics this year, keep the demos more simplistic so I can write a bunch.

Any and all pronouns are okay!

Most of my material from previous FAWMs and 50/90s can be found on my Bandcamp:

FAWM 2015: 5 songs
FAWM 2016: 15 songs
FAWM 2017: 13 songs
FAWM 2018: 14 songs
FAWM 2019: 8 songs
FAWM 2020: 1 song


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  • @forrandom  Feb 16

    Thanks for your comment on my song Try Again! You have validated my waiting to write the chorus haha
    I noticed we have some similar artist influences (you had me at Weezer), so I'm very excited to catch up on what you've been writing!

  • @juoppis  Feb 13

    Thanks for commenting once again! I guess the courage is kind of like standing on top of a cliff and waiting to dive into the water. If you just push yourself through, you don't have time to be afraid and then things just...well, happen.

  • @kanttila  Feb 12

    Mania is a lot of fun. I would like to play a sequel with only new levels. I wished Generations had gotten a sequel with new levels also since it was really good gameplay for 3D Sonic. Yes, I'm trying to pretend Forces doesn't exist.

    Oh interesting ones! I haven't seen any of them but I have been wanting to watch more old series also. Kimagure Orange Road looks interesting. Ranma is one of those shows everyone knows but I haven't tried yet. Last year when I got mad into Gundam from the original series it was like "damn!". I thought I'd seen all the shows I would ever love but then I found I had so many gaps. Gundam reignited my love for anime and started a new phase for me. It actually reinvigorated my spirit in general when I needed that.

    I finished the Gundam 0083 OVA series today which was stunning visually. I love love love 90's Mecha aesthetic. Last month I watched the first two seasons of Genshiken which I enjoyed a lot, Moyashimon, which was pretty good and Hajimete no Gal which I knew would be trash but oh my God it was even worse than I imagined.

    Slayers, Dirty Pair and Patlabor are on my "I need to watch the rest" list. Dirty Pair has those good 80's aesthetics and it's actually a very fun series. I love Kei and Yuri, they are such a fun duo.

  • @kanttila  Feb 10

    It's really solid personal reference for sure. You have so many demoes that you could just pick 10-12 and re-do them as an album if you ever wanted to.

    Maybe I gotta give the ol' Bean Machine another try. They had a round of it it in Sonic Mania as a boss battle which was a cool reference.

    The characters in K-On get more fleshed out as it goes and I felt they were more real than most cute girls in a club anime I've seen. I found every one of them to have a relatable quality and I enjoyed living vicariously through them. That's kind of the appeal for Slice of Life, to go to a world where the little things in life are celebrated. What have you watched recently?

  • @kanttila  Feb 10

    I think you would find it very freeing to put out an album. Start a new Bandcamp or something and just boom put it out and instead of trying to touch it up and make it perfect you can move along. It's fun as well. When making an album you come up with ideas naturally and before you know it an idea for the whole thing is formed.

    For me I know my music isn't recorded amazingly and I leave in mistakes and stuff. But I just want to put out a record of my existence. Like, I'm here and I'm doing something and in some corner of the world it's there. It like validates what I'm doing if that makes sense. and I just get a lot of joy when I put together an album and it marks a time in my life.

    Oh go figure haha. That was a game I never really touched on the Sonic Mega Collection Plus but the title is amusing. K-On is a great show to chill out and enjoy. It's my third favorite anime, I've watched it four times and everytime I find more subtle details. It's such a well put together series! If you ever find yourself in the mood for that cozy Slice of Life I'd recommend checking out more.

  • @kanttila  Feb 9

    You should give it a try! Even the act of putting together an album is satisfying. For myself it gives me structure and a goal when I make music. I put in my efforts to assemble an album, get the satisfaction of pressing publish on Bandcamp and then start over fresh. I say "this wasn't good here and there but next time it will be better". I suppose everyone has their own drive, yours seems to be more on the demoes for other projects eh?

    and for sure! I'll think of something you can do for a little bit on the album.

    Ooh that's the Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine original version eh (that's my association lol). and a speaker as well, that's a really fun feature! I'm sure that's a powerful aesthetic when it gets going haha. I have some vaguely similar (but more SD) K-On plushes I got at a local anime con.

  • @kanttila  Feb 8

    Alright sounds good! and yes for sure you can put it on your Bandcamp. I'll send you the WAV file when the song is done, you can just credit me as Kurtis Kanttila.

    My next album should be interesting since it'll tentatively have five collab songs. I really want to get everyone in on it, even my friends who don't play music for skits.

    I always thought your music was good and you have a great sense of melody. I remember your 50/90 tracks from 2017 were recorded really simply and the tune always came through. Your music has really been improving every time I hear it, your songs this year are just awesome so far.

    What is that plush in your cover pic on Bandcamp btw? I don't recognize it.

  • @kanttila  Feb 8

    !!!! Oh my God this is amazing. I love it! You went for a great tone here and our voices are going to go together perfect oh the chorus! Oh man I'm just grinning listening to this like, jeez. It's great how it is.

    I always appreciate your comments and I'm looking out for your songs every FAWM and 50/90. It's only been a week but there has been a greater energy to this FAWM then my prior ones. It just feels like that from everyone!

    It's been like 3 years since I first said "hey we should collab" and now it's actually happening!

    How do you want to be credited on the track also, it seems like you prefer the Jonii name now? and do you mind if I put it on my next album?

  • @kanttila  Feb 8

    Right on! I left you space to do whatever you feel works so go crazy!

    Thanks for all your comments! Also regarding "Cowboy Mythology" it actually is the only real full on song I've made without electric. I didn't even realize it.

  • @kanttila  Feb 5

    Alright I emailed you the instrumental, guide vocal and a Google Docs for the lyrics. I sent it to your email from 50/90. I just typed gibberish for guide lyrics so you can edit your lines to whatever you want. I feel the track is very strong and this could be a really fun track!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 5

    Thank you thank you. I appreciate your comment. It does have an impact. I'll be back for more listening soon.....

  • @kanttila  Feb 5

    I started on the track and...oh man. This is going to be something. I'll finish it and send it with scratch vocals tomorrow.

    I think for what the song ended up as 1V1 Me would be the best fit. It could just be two characters who constantly try and out do each other in every aspect of life at every turn in over the top fashions. and the chorus is where it gets down to WHY DON'T CHA, 1V1 ME! I think that'd be an amusing thing for a song with two vocalists.

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 2

    Thanks for the kind words! The upstroke/choppy guitars are something I've never quite mastered. I used to play bass in a disco-punk/grunge band back when that was a thing, and our guitarist was the master of it. I stuck to fat bass riffs back then, lol

  • @kanttila  Feb 2

    I'm trying to brainstorm a concept for a collab song and this is what I coming up with haha oh God,

    1V1 Me, Fanclud Rumble, Urgently Spiffy, Bad Taste Correction Officers, Adbandoned Mall Days, Cursed Memories At Midnight, Garbage Truck Life and Ate The Apple Core.

  • @kanttila  Jan 31

    That is really nice eh! I've been wanting to start making videos about Gundam models which I plan to give a try soon. It's clear you're having fun. I was dying at the intro of your new video! I like your comedy style and delivery.

    Okay, I always always always say "this is the year we do a collab" so I won't say that. All I will say is something might actually happen this time since I have a lot more ambition for my next album.

  • @kanttila  Jan 23

    I just noticed you had in your bio that you have a YouTube channel and I checked out your latest video and rly enjoyed it. I like that kind of content so I'll have to watch your other vids.

  • @andygetch  Jan 10

    Hey Johnny, lets do this!

  • @kanttila  Jan 10

    Hey man, hope to see you around again this year!