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Espoo FI   Jan 30

Artist Bio

Influences:   In this project main musical influence will be Bell Witch. During previous projects I've felt like I haven't achieved what I wanted. Probably due to lack of skills. After listening to something totally different kind of music, I thought that this might actually work for me. Well, it remains to be seen. I've been thinking the concept for this album (and I'll be preparing stuff during this weekend before Feb), and it will be slow doom album, and lyrics will deal with death of my fav artist of all time. You might eventually figure out who I'm talking about.

Not much, just some random projects.


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  • @angelo Mar 1

    Great job on this! Stoked that you more than completed the fawm challenge. Listening as we speak 😀

  • @hmorg  Mar 1

    Thanks for the comment on "Black Magic Battalion"!

  • @emplate  Feb 28

    Thanks again for the comment! Yes, @hmorg definitely had that old school death metal sound down to a T!

  • @emplate  Feb 25

    Thank you for the comment on "Where the Trees of Iron Grow"! Yes, the composition provided by @wizardbloodywizard was pleasingly raw and atmospheric, precisely my kind of stuff.

  • @emplate  Feb 24

    Via e-mail: emplate@gmail.com : )

  • @emplate  Feb 24

    Hey man! Of course I'd be up for a collab! : ) Unfortunately clean vocals are not my forte, but I can pull some growls, screams and other noise! 😁

  • @emplate  Feb 22

    Yeah, I'm aware of them and actually think that I even have seen them live at least a couple of times. Just haven't listened to their albums that much. That one music video track some years ago, Vacuity, was quite good, I think. I guess it's from the same album as the track you mentioned?

  • @emplate  Feb 22

    Cheers for the comments! If "The Ruins of Eden" brings 90s death metal into your mind, I think I succeeded! : ) And glad you liked "Kiellettyyn hypnoosiin", too! I kind of strove for mixture between dark and oppressive and beautiful and... cathartic, maybe? I haven't heard that Gojira song, as a matter of fact, haven't actually listened to the band altogether that much. I guess I'll have to check it out now! 😁

  • @cblack Feb 17

    You can hear the vodka when I had to line up all 3 parts... Vocals and drums lined up pretty easily, but the guitars were a nightmare. Had the vodka then for sure!

    And thanks for the vote of approval! Really happy with the overall song!

  • @brauer Feb 15

    Thank you povosos, go hard or go home, I see you took the first option 😀

  • @felixfelix Feb 15

    Thanks for listening to my track. And no problem for watchlisting you, I think your style is very interesting so I was anxious to hear what else you are coming up with.

  • @cblack Feb 15

    Thanks! Actually, most of what I do is silly. Or at least not serious. But I'm inspired to do a serious goth rock song tomorrow. That'll be a first for me! Hopefully it goes well. 😀

  • @frankyfire Feb 13

    Hey @povosos, thank you for your nice words 😀
    I had the same feeling with the ending and asked @chroes for another melody like this. Stay tuned 😉

  • @dragondreams  Feb 13

    Thank you for the listen and the comments. I really appreciate it. 😀

  • @cblack Feb 13

    Oh, the vocals had Bias FX on them! Thanks. I never would've guessed that!

    And the churchbell thing is just that it reminded me of churchbells in a certain way... Didn't mean an actual effect. Just a flavour, I suppose.

  • @nadine Feb 4

    Thanks for your comment on my song! Glad you enjoyed it. I haven't thought about some epic fantasy battle while writing this, but maybe someone feels inspired.

  • @cblack Feb 3

    Thanks for the comments, and glad you enjoyed the tracks!

  • @fuzzy  Jan 30

    Welcome to FAWM!!!

  • @tseaver  Jan 30

    Welcome, and happy FAWMing!