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US   Jan 2006

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Influences:   Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell, Jean-Michel Jarre, David Bowie, 70s AM radio, 80s FM radio. And at least one more.

Last FAWM taught me a lot about just showing up and capturing music, doing what I called "Robot Piano Sketch" demos. In the fall, I managed to figure out how to fill out that practice a little bit more by adding other instruments and, surprisingly, vocals.

I'm calling these "Song Seeds" rather than demos because they are more "rolling 8's" than real song sections - three groups of eight bars, repeated twice. It *almost* sounds like a demo and lets me capture an idea or a mood. At this point, the lyrics are all placeholders and provisional. I just try to sing something to get an idea of melody and phrasing.

It was all very "low consequence" work and I found I could do it daily, sometimes more than once per day. Which is how I found myself with over eighty of these beasties between August and October.

"Now what?"

That's where I'm at: Now what do I *do* with these things, anyway? Figuring that out is the goal which greets me in 2021 and I suspect it'll continue on for, uh... forever?

As part of the Black Friday sale, I upgraded to Spitfire Audio's BBC Symphony Orchestra Core. So, another thing I want to spend time on this year is writing orchestral cues.

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