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US   Jan 2006

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Influences:   Some Influences, listed chronologically. /// The Beatles /// Mid-1970's AM Radio (U.S. West Coast) /// David Bowie /// Jean-Michel Jarre /// Brian Eno /// Peter Gabriel /// Early-1980's FM Radio (U.S. West Coast) /// Kate Bush /// Suzanne Vega /// Art of Noise /// R.E.M.

Last year I *finally* wrapped up work on the music for a YouTube video diary series. I wanted to create an entire year's worth of music so that I wouldn't have to do that task every week (the episodes run an hour long). It finally came together and I'm now beginning season 2 of that video diary. As 2019 came to a close, I figured out a way to make that project a little more accessable by randomly grabbing a five-minute excerpt of the longer piece. This lets me review the entire year in just about four hours rather than fifty-two, but it also gives me an additional batch of videos to share online.

With that big music project no longer keeping my mind occupied I can now focus a lot more time and energy on just making more music, learning more about it, and beginning a journey to see where it can lead me.

Step one of this journey will be to release an album of ambient synth music in the late summer or early fall. I have all the songs picked out, but want to spend a few months after FAWM to listen closely and make any changes I might want. As part of the album release plan I've developed a way to make music videos. I wanted to find a way to make videos that are easy for me to assemble on short notice. That way, I can release new songs as soon as they are ready and not fret too much about that side of it. Which, in a roundabout way, is what led me to that video diary, which then took several years to work my way thru to get it out of my system so I could finally loop back to the place I was originally aiming for: having a process and easy supply of video for song releases.

I'm already looking forward to FAWM 2021 so I can share those music and video links after they have gone live.


Goals for this year? Similar to last year:

* Separate sound design from songwriting.
* Have fun.
* Don't quarrel in the forum.

Here's to a successful F.A.W.M. for everybody.

Hello, 2020!

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