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  Jan 2006

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Influences:   Last year, I posted a list of twenty albums that influence me the most. This year I revisit that list and trim it to fifteen titles, again, listed alphabetically by album title. // // // "99.9 F°" - Suzanne Vega // "Ambient 4: On Land" - Brian Eno // "Audion" - Synergy // "Big Science" - Laurie Anderson // "Court and Spark" - Joni Mitchell // "Dreamboat Annie" - Heart // "Hounds of Love" - Kate Bush // "Life is Sweet" - Maria McKee // "Low" - David Bowie // "Nunsexmonkrock" - Nina Hagen // "Out of Time" - R.E.M. // "Security" - Peter Gabriel // "The White Album" - The Beatles // "Theme of Secrets" - Eddie Jobson // "When I Was a Boy" - Jane Siberry

I'm currently finishing up a music project I've been working on, off-and-on, for the past few years. It should be finished before February starts (crosses fingers) and then I'll be ready to dive in one more time.

Goals for this year?

* Skip the sound design during February and just write music.
* Have fun.
* Don't quarrel in the forum.

Here's to a successful F.A.W.M. for everybody.

Hello, 2019!

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