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GORH (Giver of Rock Hands) is so good
GORH (Giver of Rock Hands) is so good
GORH (Giver of Rock Hands) is so good
They're so good... to... me...

Hi, everyone, I'm Daniel and I'm going through hell
But the Giver of Rock Hands loves me
And so all is well

Last year (2018) I did diddly squat. I was very busy w/ job & family duties, it's true, but I was at least doing better physically and mentally than I am right now with this chronic illness that I THOUGHT I was beating for a while and now it's kicking my butt again. Cancer is also kicking my butt. Even though I'm not the one with the cancer. Even my butt is kicking my butt (hemorrhoids)!

On the other hand I am really tired of my own excuses so... we'll see.

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  • @zecoop  3 days

    Daniel !!! Awesome to be back here with you. 🎵😎🎶

  • @timfatchen  4 days

    Daniel, even if you don't write much song, your commenting enthusiasm put a rocket up everyone and it's still going!

  • @elesimo  4 days

    I think you need to wait until February to start making songs! 😉

    Sending you love. Miss you!

  • @tesla3090  1 week

    Coming back this year? Hope things are well.

  • @mdavisto  1 week

    Hi Daniel. Life is a crazy thing; hope to see you around this year.