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Chicago US   Jan 2015


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Influences:   You people on FAWM.

2020 was about these things and these things only:

1. Find enough work to pay the bills.
2. Be a good caregiver for my mom during cancer treatment.
3. Help other people also get through the year in whatever small ways I was able.
4. Survive and stay sane amidst it all.

I'm actually working on a long-form written project at the moment and for once I really want to finish one of these damn things, so I doubt I'll be writing any lyrics this year even though there's a whole lot of fun material to play with (fires and Covid and Trump, oh my!).

Maybe, if I can find spare moments, I'll try to listen to some of your songs. Love you guys. Good luck!!

PS: My FAWM memories are STILL among my all-time favorite memories....

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  • @timfatchen  7 weeks

    keep yourself whole, Daniel. We hold you but we don't pressure you.

  • @elesimo  Feb 4

    I miss you, Daniel! Hope everything is good with you and your loved ones! <3

  • @debs  Feb 2

    Hello, dear friend!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 1

    All the best to you, as always! Hope you get to participate a little this year.

  • @cts  Jan 31

    Dropping by to say hello and wish you all the best on your writing endeavors!

  • @chandra83  Jan 27

    *virtual hugs*

  • @gregthehero Jan 22

    echoing @tesla3090 's thoughts, would be good to see ya here.

  • @tesla3090  Jan 21

    Hey! Hope everything is going okay, would love to see you around this year!

  • @chandra83  Jan 14

    Hope you're doing okay! 😀