Pookie K 16


London UK   Jan 2008


Artist Bio

Influences:   Cuban Boys, Flanders & Swann, Hoopshank, How To Swim, James, Jay Foreman, Joanna Newsom, MC Frontalot, Mike McGear, Morti, Rizzle Kicks, Roxy Music, The Scaffold, Tom Lehrer, Unbalanced Grass

- Musical comedian
- FAWMer no. 999 (This is my thirteenth FAWM!)
- Member of Unbalanced Grass
- Still not in an active band


This year I have a genuine project. I'm working on an album called "SMOL!", set around the concept of "small" songs: that is to say:

- Songs must be one minute or less in length
- You must use as few instruments as possible, viz: half size acoustic guitar; simple vocals; hand percussion
- Short, playful and (if at all possible) random lyrics

At the end of the month I'll release it as an album!