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Influences:   In general: The Mountain Goats, John Darnielle, Slaid Cleaves, Rebecca Sugar, Crowded House, Dom Fera, Suzanne Vega, Bruce Springsteen, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Jam, various TV shows and books. In 2020 I've been listening to The Interrupters, David Byrne (an eternal favourite), Hinds, 2010s female pop, 60s female pop, 70s alt rock, 90s synth pop, and trying to unearth some fresh 80s hits.

Hi, I'm Rowan! And I'm too shy for my own good, so sorry if I'm not the best conversation, haha.

They/Them pronouns please. I'm a non-binary singer, guitarist, and songwriter from the UK. Guitars are a dreadnought Breedlove Pursuit and a Faith Venus Cutaway.

Hoping for some honed lyrics this year - I finally completed 50/90 for the first time last year, so here's to a good FAWM too.

You can stream me on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play Music. You can stream as well as buy my tracks on Bandcamp!

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  • @standup  1 day

    Hope you’re around, I look forward to hearing something from you

  • @celineellis  1 week

    loved your 19 Demos release last year - loved the idea of releasing demo songs like that! have a great FAWM!