Jeremiah Skurtu 6


90012 US   Jan 2015  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Bach, Metallica, pherel, foo fighters, boys 2 men, Kenny chesney, cranberries, Marilyn manson, John williams, you name it I love music in all forms..

A poet at heart, putting my words to the music in my head, for the world to catch them in harmony.

I write lyrics, poetry, and songs. I will be posting lyrics during the 2019, if you are inspired by my lyrics, and would like to create music to them please contact me.

I am also a fine art painter, specializing in oil. I also enjoy other mediums of art.


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  • @poetic169 Feb 9

    Just like in my art, the lyrics art ment to pull emotions.. some dark, and some hopeful. Hope you like. ... I only write lyrics so if you want to add music to them you can contact me.