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Influences:   1960's folk, mostly. And almost anything in the filk community.

Middle aged mom. Casual amateur singer /songwriter, part of a folk band with my brother and teenaged kid. I write mostly lyrics and ask other people to do music for them, so if you do mostly music and want lyrics to work with, talk to me!


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  • @krrisstin Feb 15

    yes we got matched up on the random collaborations thread! let me know what lyrics i should use (i probably won't have time to start til tomorrow eve or later due to work)!

  • @mikeskliar  Feb 12

    thanks for the message! (and I guess if you both wanted, your kid could send you an mp3 recording or something, in this age of technology- i actually recorded a friend of mine singing/talking over a skype call and used that for a collab we did where we were not able to meet, btw..)

  • @krrisstin Feb 11

    Hi!! I'm excited to make a song with you 😀

  • @katyhh29  Feb 2


  • @mdlbear Feb 2


  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @sunnymae  Jan 30

    Here's the answer to where to find other first-time people. You are called f a w m l i n g s
    @erikdidriksen 5 hours
    @pocketnaomi: There's an option to see "fawmlings" on the sidebar of the "Fawmers" page. Here's a direct link: https://fawm.org/fawmers/fawmlings

    Also: hi! Nice to have you here with us!

  • @kovbleu  Jan 29

    Welcome to FAWM!!! You will love it. <3

  • @mdlbear Jan 29

    We're crazy, aren't we?

  • @mkd  Jan 29

    Welcome to FAWM! This is my second year here, but absolutely loved it last year! Hope you have a great one 😀

  • @dragondreams  Jan 29

    Hello! Pull up a chair, grab yourself a drink, silence your inner critic, relax, enjoy! 😊😎

  • @barbara  Jan 29

    Welcome aboard!
    If you are wanting to offer lyrics up for music, you'll find a couple of song tags that help: #needs-music and #lyrics-only will clue others in that you don't plan to add music yourself and you are willing to have a music collaborator for the song. This will make more sense in a couple of days when you can post some lyrics. Happy first year! I hope you have a blast!😀

  • @hummingbear Jan 29

    Happy FAWMing! Starting on the first you will be able to post what you've created. I write lyrics too. I usually use tags like lyrics-only, needs-music, needs-collab to advertise that I want to work with someone. Some people also post to the forums.

    Starting Friday there will be "skirmishes" - challenges to come up with a song in an hour based on a prompt. It's a fun game, look for those.

    You'll get the hang of it! Have fun!

  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 29

    Welcome! Hope you love it here as much as we do. 😀

  • @metalfoot  Jan 29

    Hey! Welcome to FAWM and I hope you have a really positive experience here. If you have any questions about how FAWM works, post a note on my wall!