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Rochester USA   Jun 2009  

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Influences:   Gravity. Mortality.

I have scored another win. I made myself write some extra songs to fit the album I am working on, so it would have at least 14 tracks.

It was a very difficult February for me, and that's with a history of difficult Februaries. I wasn't sure I was going to keep writing after a death in the family, but it turns out that writing kept me somewhat distracted from the now empty house. Thank FAWM.

My FAWM 2018 Album [tentative order]

the Head First*
On Fire
Sea of Spam (Bots are Taking Over)
Trust Fall
Life's No Fun (Unless You Have a Trust Fund)
the Awful
Sitting in My Hole
Get to You
Stems and Seeds
Put It Away
All Jacked or Whatever
Fin' to Go
the Tail Ends*

[unfinhished tracks, placement tbd]
Sole Sucker

* my pieces from the kaiju exquisite corpse

Bands (current):
40 Rod Lightning (insurgent north country/citybilly)
the Catalytic Perverters (garage punk)

Collaborations: I am up for it, but sometimes I flake out. Just realize that whatever we do, it may have a life outside of FAWM. It won't be an overly exciting or at all lucrative existence, but it I like it enough, I will make sure it lives. If it wins the lottery we will divvy up.

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