Georgia US   Jul 2008

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Influences:   Everything. (Seriously)

Haven't played guitar in a few years and I've suddenly found my way back to playing again. I've participated and collaborated in the past fawms and welcome that again this year! I usually come up with melodies, and most of the time the lyrics/chorus will just come out of nowhere...I appreciate feedback on my songs (good or bad), but mostly looking for constructive criticism to help my songs improve. Please comment and let me know your thoughts! I look forward to participating this year!

Songs (16)

#1 The girl from Appleton 7
Feb 2020
#2 In Vain 8
Feb 2020
#3 Congratulations 5
Feb 2020
#4 Leave me alone 1
Feb 2020
#5 I want to go home 3
Feb 2020
#6 If we're being honest (feat Rachelle Wells) @russiasaturn 14
Feb 2020
#7 Do you? 4
Feb 2020
#8 I'm such a fool 7
Feb 2020
#9 I’ll never be the same again 1
Feb 7
#10 Until the time is right 2
Feb 18
#11 I'm in love with that girl next door 2
Feb 18
#12 Why did we stop talking 3
Feb 18
#13 Why can't it be easier 2
Feb 25
#14 I can feel it in my bones 2
Feb 26
#15 You're so damn mean 2
Feb 28
#16 OH. THIS. MESS. 1
Mar 1


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  • @smudge  Feb 6

    @pitt Thank you so much for your kind words on my song "House of Hearts"! I didnt know Butch Walker but checked him out! Very cool. Thanks again! Cheers, Smudgie

  • @radioovermoscow Feb 6

    Thanks boss.

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 2020

    Hi @pitt! Thanks very much for commenting on "An Immigrant's Song." How on earth did you stumble across my SoundCloud?

  • @pitt  Feb 2020

    Hello everyone! If you left me a comment on a song, thank you! I've been busy and not had time to sit and listen to all of your songs, but I plan to in the coming days and will be sure to leave comments on your songs too! Thanks for the feedback!

  • @russiasaturn Jan 2020

    Hey, thanks for replying to my forum post! If you want to exchange emails, we can talk more about what we could possibly do together. Mine is up on my profile if you want to shoot me a message and/or leave yours on my soundboard and I'll get in touch. Whichever. 😀 cheers