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NF   Aug 2008

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Influences:   Island Time

2019, woah!

Missed last year due to moving. This year we're up and running, but we don't have much in the way of recording equipment - no mixer, no audio interface. Instead, my missus @bettyhammer and I, will try to jam on a modular synth, and see what happens. We have a video modular setup, so looking forward to seeing that in action.


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  • @guatecoop  1 week

    Thanks, man. OH YOU HAVE 2??? How lucky am I?

  • @martinneuhold 2 weeks

    Thanks a lot for your comment 😊

  • @anonymouse 2 weeks

    phlexy lexy

  • @nuj4x 2 weeks

  • @tobermory  3 weeks

    Antipodean hellos!

  • @shortdan  4 weeks

    Haha, I did! Not had nearly enough time to get stuck in up to now though (had a baby in June!) so it'll be very much a case of experimenting and picking things up as I go.

  • @adforperu  4 weeks

    Ace news, i look forward to your output! Algorave piano ballads actually sound like they'd be incredible.

  • @adforperu  4 weeks

    You got some internet access yet? I'm sure we can have a whip round and supply it to you.. we need your tunes!