phlecksy 14


London GB   Feb 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   My dad, Roger Miller, Esther and Abi Ofarim, Audiobus Forum, Joy Division, Clive Dunn, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Willie Nelson, Duran Duran, Toto, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Brian Eno, the Sandpipers, Alberto y el Trio 'Los Paraguayos', Village People

Fourth child of Bill (deceased) and Margaret. Bill was a big music lover and the biggest influence on my musical interests. Margaret can take it or leave it, which is fine too.


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  • @bluesgut  4 days

    Hey thanks for the comment on the track Overexposure. You asked about how i got the bass patch I did on that song. Really the heart of that sound is modulating the FM and resonance. I can send you a screenshot of the patch if that is helpful.

  • @sci 1 week

    ah! Rephlex is a record label that Aphex Twin created. some of the early releases had a really fun free-form but chillout sound, often from artists that only appeared on one album.
    groups like the railway raver
    or the lisa carbon trio

  • @sci 1 week

    I'm actually pretty bad about leaving comments, but I'm listening to all of your stuff, at least o/
    as for F2FM: that's a vst that I made myself. see here:

  • @petemurphy  1 week

    Hiya! Yeah, I'll definitely revisit your page and listen to more. I really enjoyed the song I listened to. I'll be doing some commenting later tonight, so I'll try to pop around and listen to some more.
    Looks like you're having a REALLY productive time. 14 already! Wow! Well done.

  • @mkd  1 week

    Thanks for listening and commenting! To be fair, I don’t remember when bananas were new in the uk either, but my Dad does... (shortly after WW2 I think, or mamybe early 50s)

  • @mrmule 1 week

    Hi and thanks for listening those things! For the cut ups, it was partially random, and it got better /more random as I went on: First I had full sentences, then for the second verse I cut those in pieces and mixed them, then in the end it was just stream of consciousness with those words, so yeah, maybe not completely at random but I like how it seems like coded program running through functions; you have a certain pool of choices and then it is just randomization and reassembling! And most of the stereofield comes from recording mostly with a stereo recorder; that way where you position things in the room already affects the stuff, which I like. Some people think everything should be mono so you can control everything, but I want to deconstruct the illusion of control most of the time.

  • @nuj4x 3 weeks