philmcmill 6


Ann Arbor USA   Jan 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   the doors, albert collins, gordon lightfoot, simon & garfunkel, neil young, michael franks, the beatles, leonard cohen, vangelis, bob dylan, pink floyd, moody blues, sibelius, billy holiday

I'm a horn player (trumpet, french horn) from Detroit, but now live in Ann Arbor. I mostly play guitar these days, but dabble with several other instruments.

I released my first CD in 2015 - all songs created from FAWM and 5090.:

Songs (6)

#1 I Like Black 7
2 weeks
#2 Rocks Falling Into The Sea 3
1 week
#3 Active Measures 3
1 week
#4 Shine On 2
1 week
#5 Floating In The Deep 4
1 week
#6 First Encounter 1
6 hours