Alastair 14


GB   Feb 2012

Artist Bio

Keen guitarist. Less keen pianist and singer. Tenuous grip on reality. England.


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  • @headfirstonly  Mar 2

    Congrats on the win - what I've heard of your stuff so far is very much my sort of thing, so I'll be back for more.

  • @itoarazi Feb 7

    Thank you for listening to and commenting on "3 Days In". I'm glad it helped facilitate your unwinding!

  • @sarahmonticue Feb 6

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment on my song. I appreciated it. Glad you caught that childhood vibe I was going for. Working on that theme for my whole album - trying to capture the joy of childhood in song.

  • @phenola Jan 29

    The Jazz III is the finest guitar pick in the world.