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Influences:   Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Bjork, old field recordings, ambient, world, blues every magical sound in the world...

Hi Everyone!
I'm way behind this year. Hands full. Not sure what I'll be able to get done but I'll at least try for a lyric set or 2. I hate not being able to do much. But life...
My daughter did start voice and has been at it since. And she's still a dancer. She also started taking official college courses through a high school program. I'll continue to bug her to join me for FAWM as always. 😁

Another rough year down. Finalized a very contentious divorce in Sept & still trying to get things sorted from it. Daughter & I survived but not without some scars. Wrote one or 2 lyric sets during the year to survive. Wish I could have done more but my hands were too full. I desperately need FAWM this year. Hopefully time will allow me the ability to take advantage of it. Most likely only lyrics again but I'll take it. I have a portable set up with me just in case I'm able to do more. Also trying to get a new laptop sorted out.
Daughter may be joining me in writing this year. She has finally come back to the musical side of herself. (I can't remember when she last did FAWM but she was prob 8 or something..she's now 15) It has all been dance since she stopped taking piano. She may be starting voice soon, which I am excited about. If she does, her thingy here is The Nugget. Please stop in an encourage her!

Last year was a rough one. Going through a divorce and have moved 2x. Most of my attention has been dealing with that and protecting my daughter. So no songwriting. 😞 I don't know how much I'll be able to do for FAWM but I'll see what I can do. It will have to be lyric only. I have a portable setup with me but everything else is in storage. *le sigh*
Hopefully everyone else had a better year and this year is even better. *muah*

So update from last year. By half through the year, I had ended up in the hospital 5 times. Jan for what I thought was minor that turned into "oh crap, pre-cancer" to visit #2 (omg what do you mean I have gall stones & need emergency surgery?!?!) to #3 right after (omg Im dying Im dying! wait just needed to poop!) to #4 (biopsy cause 2x tries in office didnt work) to #5 plus 7 weeks of recovery (oh sure just take a few more organs...I don't mind!). I thought after all of that I'd be done but nope! Got some new stuff going on & trying to deal with that, my usual Ehlers-Danlos symptoms, still homeschooling & some other difficult personal stuff.
Hopefully I will be able to have time to at least get a few lyrics written. I might even be able to get The Nugget to write a few of her own. She hasn't participated in a few years. But I know she has a lot on her mind she can write about.
Feel free to bug me about collabs as I'm always open to them (multiple versions from more than 1 person are fine also).
Oh, I did redo my website while I was recovering. I have a few pieces left I haven't been able to sort out (if you spot them or want to help, please lemme know. I'm stumped & would love to have everything in working order, just haven't had much time to give to it).

Writing up my yearly intro early cause I'm not sure how I'll be feeling at the end of January. I'm supposed to have surgery Jan 19. Hopefully I will heal up quickly so I can enjoy this year's FAWM. (Update: Surgery went well, had some trouble with allergic reactions but survived. Tests came back & unexpectedly dealing with pre-cancerous cells. On meds for a few months then biopsy & decisions. Fun fun!)
It has been mostly a poopoo of a year. Lost a few more family members & friends over the summer & winter breaks. Endured the Louisiana flood where my mother & I lost our vehicles in several feet of water & watched many others lose everything. There is other stuff but that's enough bad stuff. The good stuff: adopted a little dog my Nugget & I named Ruby. She's been a good distraction. My vehicle was replaced with an almost new larger van. Roof is over my head, food in my mouth, etc.
So this is my year #8...whoa! My goals for this year are to try to do collabs, skirmishes & tackle some stuff started during other FAWMs but never got much done with them.

This year's FAWM snuck up on me. The past year was a rough one. Dunno if it will play into any writing but I guess I will see. I may not be ready to tackle those topics just yet.
My goals for this year are to enjoy the process & get as much as I can done. I hope to focus on skimishes & collabs.
I can't believe this is my year #7. Not sure if i will be able to get my Nugget to join me but Ill keep hope alive 😁 She is wrapping up her finally group piano class next week. Not much musical this past year. More about going back through old stuff, cleaning out stuff & trying to make life a little easier to concentrate. Post-FAWM a fellow fawmer Jamkar took on one of my lyric sets & made it into something beautiful. It is up in vid form on my youtube channel (People of the Cross) & has turned out to be my most viewed vid. Hope to have another magical song come out of this year's FAWM.

OMG It's that time again already...yeehaw! I think this is year #6 for me & maybe #4 for my Nugget. I feel like I'm starting out with a ton of motivation, but whether or not that will stick around is to be seen, ha!
My #1 goal this year is to just get anything I can get done, done. I have some specific ideas, but what gets done will depend on time. I posted 1 project idea in the forums dealing with necklace pieces as inspiration:
Other goals are to work on former FAWM projects & collabs I have onhand & to get any recording I can done. Last couple of rounds, its been mostly lyrics only. I sorted through my loop collection & am grabbing up a few new ones hoping to speed up the process a bit.
Over the past year I finished up another year of piano class, got a lil bit more vocal class in, & my Nugget is going into her 2nd semester of her 3rd year of piano. *proud mama* I also worked on getting a bunch of my older tunes up on my youtube channel in vid form.

FAWM #5! Wow time flew by. Still feels like a year or so ago I found this place thanks to Vicki Flawlith <sp>. I don't have any major goals this year mostly due to the fact that I don't know what I'll be able to get done. So I'm just winging it. I am still homeschooling so that takes precedent over most things. I'll be including her again for FAWM as part of her music requirements 😁 Don't you wish FAWM was your school project? HeeHee Anyway, hoping to get lots of writing done & any collabs that are possible. Sometimes I have more time outside of FAWM randomly during the year, so catch me on my FB, Twitter or email.
New with me: not a whole lot I suppose. Still have health issues. Have a major doc appt right before FAWM starts, starting adding some of my old song projects onto youtube ( petra777 ), I've been taking piano since the end of summer, TheNugget is in her 2nd year of piano, did a short vocal seminar to try to get back on track (struggling cause the winter is killing my voice), etc, etc...

Apparently this is FAWM #4 (& #3 for The Nugget)! Goals for this year? To just get something done...anything..ha! I do have a collab that was supposed to happen for 50/90, so I may try to get that done along with a few other covers. I do have a new album idea Im going to start writing for along with the previous album project that still seems to be dragging along. But again, Ill just be happy to get anything done. Im also doing on online Coursera course plus the flooring to fix our house after a water disaster is coming in right when FAWM is beginning then I have to put the house back in my first week will be crazy but hopefully it wont be too disturbing...eek!

Other news...I haven't officially announced it yet, but the new "band" name Ill be using for new projects (non-electronic) is "Scars & Ashes"...maybe ill get to add some firsts for that 😁

Getting ready to start FAWM #3! This year I'm playing it by ear & doing whatever works out. I have a handful of subjects I'd like to tackle but not going to push for them & miss out on doing a collab or the such. I guess my main goal is to do as much recording as I can get in.
I did not get a whole lot further in my guitar studies, but am still sporadically studying as often as I can squeeze in a few moments (which still isnt much 😞 ). I did win a 6 month subscrip to a guitar study thingy online so hopefully I can get motivated with FAWM to get going again. I have been doing various other studies pertaining to my big project, & a lyric study of Lou Reed's lyrics (came across the book & since I wasnt familar with the songs Ii thought it might be interesting to read them then go back & listen to them).
I will be missing a few days during the month to go see BJORK! Hopefully on the drive to NYC I can get some writing in. 😁 It's been a rough few months so I'm ready to get some things out into lyrics (hopefully recorded too!).
Oh ya! Miss Nugget will be participating again this year as part of her homeschool music project. She will also be starting piano lessons hopefully soon (having trouble finding a teacher at this point in the school year).


blog entry for songwriting ideas created from a thread last year:!/2011/05/where-do-you-get-your-ideas...

Welcome to my FAWM page, thanks for checking things out. This is my second FAWM. For the most part, I may be only posting lyrics to songs I will finish up in the future, same as last year. But this year I am working to finish up as many song sets as possible for my next album project that came to being last FAWM. I hope that "Seven Songs for Seven Souls" might be properly completed by end of year. Yeah, I know wishful thinking but its turning into a special project with lots of meaning, so even if it runs longer I am determined to finish it.
So after last FAWM, I set a challenge for myself to do at least 1 song this FAWM on guitar. I began studying guitar in March & got a decent amount of basics down, but alas, being Mommy, wife & homeschool teacher left me with not much time to nurse my studies as preferred. So, Im not sure if Ill be able to complete the challenge, but with a bit of creativity Im sure Ill come up with something. Same with the Uke. I bought a new cheap one also & want to try to do at least a lil something. It will be dorky, maybe even Errol inspired.
Another challenge to myself is to complete some collabs I started after last FAWM, & maybe even get something done that I promised to collaborators (in other words never began but said we should do something together...Mal, Errol, etc..). CTS, you know you are top of my list..

-p (main site)

vblog jan 28
vblog feb 5

update: I cannot believe I forgot to add that I would be trying to do some things with my Nugget:

update: the kitteh is FAWM'n too:

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  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 28

    Hi Petra, don't worry, many of us went through the same situation. The best thing I've found is just to sit at the piano and play whatever comes. I click on a recording button, record everything, listen back and most often delete everything but sometimes, occasionally I like what I hear. Sometimes I still delete it as I found it not worthy but maybe 10% or less I keep and I later develop into a piece. I think the less we worry about not writing the more chance we have the chance to come up with something 😀 You have a gorgeous voice and I'm sure many people will be delighted to collaborate with you. I'd be very happy to collaborate with you. Wishing you a very beautiful Sunday and a fantastic new week.

  • @petra777 Feb 14

    @bitshred @andygetch @metalfoot

    Hey yall. *waves*
    I'm here, sort of. I have no writing motivation. I'm afraid to delve into anything involving emotions cause I'll end up a mess. So I'm just numb and getting no writing done. This bytes. 😞

    Maybe I need a chat writing session one eve? Dunno.

  • @bitshred  Feb 4

    Hey, you made it back! *waves*

  • @andygetch  Feb 4

    waves 😀

  • @metalfoot  Feb 4