PS 17


Helsinki FI   Jan 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   mora prokaza, uratsakidogi, jazz, thrash, b-movies, noise, disgusting things, daughters, einstürzende neubauten, big black, boredoms, hanatarash, merzbow, boris... etc.

No bio for this fawmer. 😞
nothing to say. Just trying to find some weird connections here.


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  • @yarimurray  5 weeks

    I was hoping to hear a few more before they shut off the lights but the SoundCloud links seem to be busted. Bummer!

  • @seppo Feb 27

    Kiitos kommentista. Tarkoitus oli tehdä vielä yksi osa perään jossa toivonpilkahduksen jälkeen joko selvitään sankarillisesti tai sit upotaan pohjaan mutta kello oli 4 yöllä niin aattelin että se jäi seinään tyssääväksi arvoitukseksi 😄

  • @seppo Feb 25

    No damn 😄
    Ekaa vuotta täällä niin oon missannut Dalekit

  • @cheezeboy  Feb 25

    Thanks for the comments on Daily! Maybe I should have put a volume warning. 😉

  • @hmorg  Feb 25

    Kiitos kommentista! Parhaani teen. Paitsi välillä en jaksa tehä.

  • @ozcompr  Feb 19

    Thanks for the feedback on Courage!

  • @kahlo2013 Feb 18


  • @js6 Feb 18

    Moi. Sun profiilin Bandcamp-linkki ei toimi. Onnea maaliin pääsystä!

  • @engebretsen  Feb 12

    Thx for comments!

  • @jeff9  Feb 11

    Thanks so much for the kind words on one of my bits, especially since it's about as far removed from your musical style as possible. I'm blown away by your atmospheric gems. I listened to about 10 of them in a row and I think my brain is going to be somewhat dizzily rearranged (in a pleasant way) for the next hour or so. Amazing!

  • @yarimurray  Feb 10

    Thank you for listening and commenting on My Old Hippie Bus (and for the Zong bust!).

  • @fuzzy  Feb 9

    Hey there!
    I think you misunderstood my song Comment; what I meant was that the ambient beginning was an effective introduction to your full-on slothcore tune, which was great.
    Sorry about that; the fault is entirely mine! 😀

  • @sw1n3flu  Feb 9

    Hey thanks for all the cool comments!!

  • @ianuarius  Feb 8

    Hei kiitti kommentista!

  • @cblack Feb 6

    I'm inside everyone's head! Bwahaha!

  • @cblack Feb 6

    Glad to have inspired you!