Pearse O'Byrne 7


Branford C US   Feb 2014

Artist Bio

Influences:   Anything musical evincing strong and imaginative feelings, preferably involving strings of any kind and/or emotive voices, dark red wine and my first girlfriend, a dark-eyed red-haired vixen. I grew up in Dublin with a constant soundtrack of Hank Williams and all the other great USA singers and musicians because my Dad was an LP nut.. Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, The Inkspots, Sinatra, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, anything American.... my teenage years went to Radio Caroline leading on to Sandy Denny, Jethro Tull, John Martyn, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen et al but I think the lp that made the deepest impression around then was John Wesley Hardin..... and of course The Band....

Survived the immolation of a strict Irish catholic childhood, though I still sometimes lick the scars and snarl; moved to higher ground a long time ago, way above the leather straps and dogma, the guilt and the fucking penance and I'll never give up playing or writing. Bop 'til you drop etc.
Love is the rickety ladder up from the ninth circle of Hell.
Hand me that fucking bottle Jorkins, FAWM is nigh upon us...


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  • @sherrycanary  2 weeks

    Thank you, Oh I am so late replying, for your lovely comments on my metaFAWM song Club Midnight

  • @ajna1960 3 weeks

    Heya @pcob1993 How's you ?

  • @tamsnumber4  3 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my collab "Since We First Touched" I appreciate it!

  • @jamkar  4 weeks


  • @hamiltonpoolhall  4 weeks

    John Lee Hookah? No apologies required whatsoever; you slay me ๐Ÿ˜€. Thanks as ever for your effusive praise and profound encouragement.

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    Much appreciation for your wonderful thoughts on Unbreak my Heart. Liz always is amazing to write with! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @barbara  5 weeks

    Hey, you got the perfect candy message! Don't mind if I do...!

  • @clioem 5 weeks

    Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!

  • @tamsnumber4  6 weeks

    Thanks for commenting and listening to "Nothin' To Lose", appreciate it!

  • @ampersandman  6 weeks

    Thanks Pearse for your kind words! I agree, abandoning all religion would do the world some good. I've made a whole album on that matter two years ago. And social injustice ... Yeah, lots to do for this and future generations moving forward. Peace!

  • @hamiltonpoolhall  6 weeks

    "Foxy picking" is the best thing anyone has *ever* called my guitar playing. Thank you.

  • @oddbod  6 weeks

    BTW, I don't know if you've read any, but your bio puts me in mind of Benjamin Black's (aka John Banville) books set in Dublin and the main protagonist of them called Quirke.

  • @oddbod  6 weeks

    Hi Pearse, thanks for your kind comments.
    As for my acoustic guitar set up, I record in stereo using two SE Electronics SE7 condenser mics - one pointing at the bridge and the other at the where the neck meets the body - both about 12" away.
    Both mics feed straight into my Focusrite Scarlett (18i20).

  • @susyblue  6 weeks

    Thanks for your lovely comment Pearse, hope to hear some of your songs this FAWM

  • @woolford  7 weeks

    Hi Pearse, thanks for listening and leaving such an encouragement for โ€œReminds me of youโ€.
    I really appreciate you taking the time!

  • @middlec 7 weeks

    Hey there. I'm hoping you have the muse this February. I could use some Pearse tunes!

  • @tseaver  7 weeks

    Happy FAWM with your Nashville-tuned guitar!

  • @thelostcartographer  7 weeks

    Happy to help! Hopefully I saved you a few broken strings! Happy FAWMing.

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks

  • @scubed  Jan 19

    Hello, Pearse! Great to see you again & look forward to listening to your new creations. Happy FAWMing!

  • @barbara  Jan 15

    So happy to see you here already, Pearse! The marvelous thing is almost here!!!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 14

    There is no greater joy than knowing that your talented friend is just a click away....hope to listen to you real soon........