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Influences:   Hot Club De Paris, Tellison, Dartz!, TTNG, Tubelord, American Football, Meet Me In St Louis

PN: He

Good News: I got a new guitar! I caved in and acquired a Squire Bass VI and given my laziness I may never bother using any other instrument.

Bad News: I just started a new job AND I fairly recently got a very lovely but demanding puppy

Outcomes: Some remarkably bass-heavy and infrequent song output, but hopefully still a semi-decent amount of commenting.

I feel like I change my display name every year as if it signifies the start of a new never-to-be-completed project, so for a more realistic approach I'm not changing it this time. I don't like it though!

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  • @thelowestbitter 20 hours

    Hope you're back this year, looking forward to hearing your stuff!

  • @seemanski  4 days

    Hello there, hoping to see you again this year.

  • @fuzzy  1 week

    I hope you're around this year!!
    I always enjoy listening to your sounds!!