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Influences:   Hot Club De Paris, Tellison, Dartz!, TTNG, Tubelord, American Football, Meet Me In St Louis

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I bought myself a lovely new sigma acoustic guitar, which gives me roughly half a month to learn how to record it properly. I have a vague plan of doing some acoustic pop goodness with 2x guitars and lots of twiddling, but we'll see.

I'd love to do a couple of collaborations, bleeps and nice vocals/lyrics are especially welcome!

This year I actually did some music outside of fawm (gasp), which basically felt like cheating. I even wrote a 10 minute piece for a musical, which was pretty interesting!

By the end of fawm I'd like to get enough material together to maybe think of doing some live performances again (crazyness!) in some kind of band (your mad! ). This will hopefully make me feel better about hurtling to 30 so quickly.

PS - I might be borrowing a violin soon, which sounds fun. Will I be able to play it for fawm? Of course not. Will I try anyway? Probably!

Did a practice record of the new setup:

Songs (14)

#1 Concrete Peaks 9
Feb 1
#2 All is Quiet Now 5
Feb 1
#3 Cloves & Cinnamon 6
Feb 1
#4 Hold Tight 13
Feb 3
#5 Like Hordes 5
Feb 3
#6 Beckon the Tide @vomvorton  18
Feb 10
#7 Garden Song 7
Feb 12
#8 Ghost Stories 5
Feb 18
#9 An Atlas Where 6
Feb 19
#10 Advance! 3
Feb 20
#11 Suddenly, Alive 3
Feb 25
#12 Better Beige 3
Feb 26
#13 Least Of All 2
Feb 27
#14 A Gardon Song (Pt2) ZONG
Feb 28


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  • @gflatminor  Mar 4

    Thanks for listening and the kind comments to "Bird in My Window". The violin in your bio is something I always hope to do too with a student violin we have hanging around the house. I haven't even really figured out how to tune it though. Did you record any? Don't tell me, I'll give a listen for it.

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 4

  • @weakness Mar 1

    Thanks a ton for listening Paul! Congrats on finishin this Feb and I can't wait to listen through all your stuff!

  • @natalieedelson  Feb 28

    Thanks for your comment on my tune Graรฑรณn. Looking forward to listening to your music after the FAWMcrunch

  • @krrisstin Feb 27

    hi paul thanks so much for listening to my song see you never, and for the nice comment!

  • @billgathen  Feb 12

    Thanks for the kind words on "Just Talkin'"! I'll have to come back and check out your stuff, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 10

    Thanks Paul. Will be back to have a listen. Happy FAWMING ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • @dutch1967 Feb 4

    Hey Paul! Thanks for your kind words on Play. This was a 10 minute write up and a fifteen minute recording. Then three hours of getting my breath back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @postcardhelicopters  Feb 3

    Hi! Thanks for giving some attention to this year's first instrumental. I really thought I'd get farther than just a couple songs before retreating to my comfort zone of doing just intrumentals.

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2

    Ah cheers matey and by god you been flying , canโ€™t wait to get on a few listens . Tbh I foresee me doing more listening than recording as that was an afternoon of pain in the ass frustration in some ways but most satisfying in others .

  • @frenchcricket  Feb 1

    ahhh that might be your best ever pun. And you wasted it on my page

  • @seemanski  Jan 27

    I reckon I could musta a collab. A bit nervous about this year. I am not really sure how it is going to go.

  • @seemanski  Jan 26

    Hey Paul, how is it cracka lacking? Happy FAWM. Looking forward to hearing what interesting sounds you put out this year.

  • @nuj4x Jan 25

  • @adforperu  Jan 17


  • @thelowestbitter  Jan 17

    YES! Up for another collab ๐Ÿ‘

  • @tobermory  Jan 15

    Collab? We hookin' up even before February? Is that legal? (consults by-laws)... Well I never. Sure thing x

  • @tobermory  Jan 14

    Yo! Write me a song in Hungarian notation?

  • @fuzzy  Jan 13

    I really like your tunes!!
    Can't wait to hear more!!!