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70119 US   Jan 2009  

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Influences:   Ken Nordine, Raymond Scott, Jorge Ben, Seinfeld, Hailu Mergia, Dr John, Tortoise, Koyaanisqatsi

so it's been a few years but i finally got a viable recording setup going on.. been doing a lot of experimenting with analog synth and drum machine recently.. we'll see what evolves over the month.. happy FAWM everyone!!!


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  • @vainhirvain Feb 22

    you've got e-mail

  • @vainhirvain Feb 22

    And congrats for winning in just 3 weeks time 🙂

  • @vainhirvain Feb 22

    Hey thanks for you messages! Microbrute and minibrute are cool synths. Also this extreme slowdown is an interesting idea, I might just steal it from you... And the lyrics clip! Lovely weary sunshine feel! I'm so glad that it made you want to sing. I can send you the mp3 per email if you'd like to finish it?

  • @dustymason  Feb 11

    God On Ice is good. It's especially appropriate after God On The Rocks.

  • @charliecheney  Feb 4

    I have a freezer full of pasties even now. I make them with pizza dough crust now, a lot less lard, a lot more sourdough starter.

    I can't tell you the number of times in the past 10 years I've thought about moving to New Orleans, it was always near the top of the list, but living in a mountain town has definitely been good for me the past year. Life at 9200 feet.