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Sydney AU   Jan 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   various industrial, electronic, breakbeat and trance artists.. to many to list

iOS electronic artist. too old to be relevant. to bald to be cool.

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  • @medievil Feb 18

    Hey, thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. 😀

  • @electrocelte Feb 18

    Yes Convergence was the day I sold out and become a pop band.

  • @electrocelte Feb 18

    Hi Pantso, thanks for all of your comments man!! I thought I’d let you know the Vocoding on pushmepullewe was done with a PO-35 Speak by Teenage Engineering. (Sick piece of kit... it even has drum sounds from PO-32)

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 13

    Thanks Jon for your thoughts on Haunted By Insects. The Deluge is amazing and its the groove box you always wanted. Unlimited tracks, unlimited sequence length, a few synth engines. Only limit is CPU and I haven't hit yet. Runs on a SD card. I have a 64 GB one. Plays multisamples, you can resample your output, awesome looper, dedicated developer and community. Did I mention that it can be powered by a vape battery (8-10 hours) and runs on USB. Has CV and gate too. Made by loving hands in New Zealand.

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 2020

    Thanks Jon.

  • @deathboy  Feb 2020

    Yeah yeah yeah, you fucking showoff


    Good to see you again, you fucking monster.

  • @erucaesounds  Feb 2020

    Thanks for your kind comments on Who’s Keeping Score.

  • @frozenlonesome Feb 2020

    Nice track Jon. I like the evolving beats. Nice use of the voice samples too.