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Ely UK   Jan 2010


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Greetings and good luck for FAWM 2017!

I've been around FAWM for seven years now, although I haven't actually won a FAWM since 2012 I don't think... I need to force myself to write this year!

Other than just getting over the finish line, I'm also going to try not to rely too much on acoustic guitar this year - and instead get some use out of my keyboard and my telecaster. Also hoping for a cameo from @helenseviltwin's mandolin.

I'm based in Cambridge in the UK. I'm in a couple of bands - Jacqui and Geoff with @expendablefriend and The Seven Twenty with @theseventwenty, @stewartscissor and @helenseviltwin.

Have a good FAWM - looking forward to hearing as much new music as possible!

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