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Artist Bio

Influences:   I have always loved the artists who tell good stories - Jim Croce, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow, Styx, Kansas, Supertramp, Beatles, Foreigner, ABBA, Zeppelin, Floyd, Elton John, Heart, Pat Benatar, Guess Who, Who, Chicago, Boston, and on, and on...

Happy 2020 to all of FAWM!
Since this is 2020, my vision should be clear...
I hope to have fun with my old friends and new friends, whether or not we collaborate...

...but I would very much like to collaborate, and I hope this time around, I have more time to play and comment.
Wishing you all good health and great music!



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  • @dzd  Mar 10

    If you happen to pop by I found this

    I remember doing some shirley shirley airplane joke one of yours too I probably butchered the hell out of anyway but couldn't find it lol
    I think that's the original fawm recording 😀

  • @dzd  Feb 2

    John! You still the man!
    Thanks for that, if it doesnt go there it'll go somewhere.
    Can finally talk/think about that place....distance does a soul some good.
    Great stuff as always.

  • @klaus  Feb 2

    Hi John. Thanks. I'll try and do it today so that I can get ahead of schedule a bit.

  • @dzd  Feb 2

    Correct on both accounts sir, has been awhile!

    Wont really get started until next weekend, hopefully have some good output this year.

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 2

    Thanks for your comments on "Into The Unknown".....Very much appreciated.

  • @dzd  Feb 1

    Yah!!! I've missed a few years, was hoping you were still around. How goes things?

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 1

    Have one awesome Fawm friend

  • @chipwithrow  Feb 1

    2020 and you're vision is clear - there's a song in that line! Rock on this FAWM!

  • @johnstaples  Feb 1

    Hey John! Here we go again! Hope you have a wonderful FAWM! (I'm still listening to The Last Roundup!)

  • @dreamscuba  Feb 1

    Maybe we have time for a collaboration?

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 31

    Have a great FAWM!!

  • @dreamscuba  Jan 29

    Good luck with FAWM 2020.

  • @klaus  Jan 21

    Hi John. Good to see you're here. Fawm has always been just a little bit too hectic for me but I hope we can squeeze in some collabs. Have a great Fawm.