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Influences:   Every song I ever heard that was lyric-driven

Maybe this is a good sign, that I'm actually updating my profile page more than 2 weeks before our official FAWM 2019 party begins!

For those who don't know me... I'm not a musician, but I can hum a tune and write a story.

For those who DO know me... I have no idea why, after all these years, I still haven't learned how to play guitar!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing and working with all my friends, new and old.

Wishing you all well,

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  • @kahlo2013  1 day

    Happy FAWMing! Looking forward to your work!

  • @johnstaples  1 day

    Hey there John! Happy FAWN 2019! Can't wait to see what we come up with! Gotta say I still listen toi Last Roundup and love it!

  • @klaus  2 days

    Hi John, my new favourite collab lyricist! Let's have a great Fawm, shall we. 😀

  • @oddbod  2 days

    Hi John, thanks for popping by and saying hello. As always, no plan but I may adopt one of your lyrics if time allows and inspiration strikes. Have a good February

  • @tcelliott  2 days

    Howdy, OST. Let's do this.