Adam Nicholls (Island Orphans) 3

Artist Bio

Influences:   Too numerous to mention (or remember).

Island Orphans is my solo music project. Lofi, occasionally electronic, primarily based around acoustic guitar and emotive lyrics, while trying desperately not to be your typical young guy in his bedroom who thinks he’s the next best singer-songwriter. Which I probably am, when push comes to shove. Hopefully you’ll disagree. Releasing a new album during February, so the final release of whatever I create this month may have to be delayed, but I’m looking forward to the experience.


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  • @onefrom96 Feb 6

    Phew! Had to play catch-up there a bit, but two new songs ready and uploaded today. Thanks to @circle for the nice comments on Like An Orbit; hope you enjoy these too!

  • @onefrom96 Feb 4

    Song number 2 is almost ready... however, my recorder’s run out of juice for the night, I’m afraid. Don’t worry though - I’ll back to work on it tomorrow!

  • @onefrom96 Feb 2

    Genuinely amazing at how quickly and easily my first song has come along. May not be totally finished tonight, however; but I have tomorrow free, so maybe I’ll knock two out in one day! Looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

  • @nuj4x Feb 2