Old Lost John 13


Malmo SE   Feb 2007


Artist Bio

Influences:   Old leather bound books, seasoned wood, small birds, whispering winds and speaking trees, wounded hearts and weathered souls...

Tomas here. Once a woodsman and a horse-keeper, I now live in the city of Malmo, Sweden, writing and recording my dusky americana/blues(/folk.

Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud etc etc if you want to hear more of my music.

The tree/head album art was drawn by my good friend Susanne Samuelsson.


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  • @quork  Mar 3

    Thank you, Tomas. From writing to arranging to playing/singing that was probably my favourite song this year. I appreciate your comments.

  • @mikedebenham  Mar 3

    Congratulations, Tomas! (I'm rounding you up to fourteen.) Always a pleasure to hear you.

  • @sueawesome Feb 27

    (tried to refrain with all my other lyrics I posted this year)

  • @sueawesome Feb 27

    thank you for the nicest comment ever on the collab with pumpkinhead. their story is so incredible it was pretty easy to draw from. I tried to refrain from writing about what I usually write about... but I guess that’s like expecting the ocean to not have salt water. lol

  • @spinhead Feb 27

    Your comments on Matild mean a lot to me. Thanks 😀

  • @highmountain Feb 22

    Gracias, señor!

  • @highmountain Feb 20

    Howdy! Thanks for your generous comments! Appreciated.

  • @cellarrob Feb 20

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback! Much appreciated 😁

  • @scotttestmusic  Feb 20

    Thanks for the comment on Laura Lee!

    Calico tuning is an open G chord - GDGB. I think technically you're supposed to tune it up, or use a capo, or something, but I can't recall exactly.

  • @highmountain Feb 17

    Thanks, OLJ, for those Billy the Kid remarks! I'm all in for the MSN generation. BtK seems the right kind of hero for those youngsters! 😀

  • @fuzzy  Feb 17

    Yup, that weasel definitely killed those chickens for fun.
    Those suckers are even more vicious than cats!!

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 17

    Really appreciate your comments on Pine Needles. Writing that did take me down memory lane. Cheers!

  • @fuzzy  Feb 16

    Thanx for your comments on my Hank Williams songs!
    I had a lot of fun making them!
    I hope I'm not haunted by the ghost of Hank Williams now!
    (Hmmm... There's another song idea right there...)

  • @quork  Feb 16

    Thanks Tomas, I appreciate your comments. Funny how inspiration works, eh?

  • @oddbod  Feb 11

    BTW, do you ever listen to @hamiltonpoolhall's stuff. Fabulous player - I'm very envious of his technique.

  • @farmyardorchestra Feb 5

    Thank you for your comments! Our weak approach hasn't been a naturalistic one. We are hopeless romantics. Or we are just very bad at finding out proper names for our sad efforts.

  • @sueawesome Feb 2

    may the universe conspire so we may all hear some new incredible music that never fails to come from you

    hope you’re well, tomas

  • @farmyardorchestra Jan 31

    Got your horsepowers warmed up?

  • @highmountain Jan 31


  • @andrewjtaylor  Jan 26

    Just 1 week till FAWM!

    With all the turmoil since last FAWM, & especially since November, it's hard to feel quite as amped up about it.

    "Unnecessary creation" just feels a little less necessary than usual.

    But...the artists (music & video creators, especially) are arguably the most influential modern-day philosophers, & every day/week/month/year we spend honing our craft is a day/week/month/year invested in contribution to culture, no matter how small our circle of influence.

    Hope you have a great Feb./FAWM, no matter how you spend it.

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 21

    Good to see you back in town, Tomas.

  • @pumpkinhead Jan 17

    Har lyssnat på tok för mycket på JJ, på tok för lång tid. Började ju min musikaliska resa i ett blosband 1989 men då var det mest de olika King som det lyssnades till, och Peps såklart.
    Har en idé som jag tänkte jobba med där det skulle må topp av ett gitarrplock som du ju är en mästare på. 😀

  • @oddbod  Jan 16

    Hi Tomas, glad to see you're in town

  • @pumpkinhead Jan 14

    Hej vännen.
    Är du på g i år? Jag missade förra året då jag var i Indien och njöt av livet. Nu är jag på plats i min lilla stuga och har fått till studion ganska bra tycker jag. Tänkte lira litta blos i år och är sugen på att samarbeta. Hade varit kul att göra något ihop. Sugen?
    Jag har lekt lite med att översätta JJ Cale i vinter ( https://youtu.be/9F5iCLxN3GI ) och tänker mig leka i vidare i den världen med lite egna kompositioner.
    Hur lever livet i Malmö? Tänker förvånansvärt ofta på Squareside, Fagan, Lund och hela den grejen men det är väl för att jag saknar Mange så fortfarande.
    Ha det fint så ses vi nästa månad. 😀