Old Lost John 14

Artist Bio

Influences:   Old leather bound books, seasoned wood, small birds, whispering winds and speaking trees, wounded hearts and weathered souls...

Tomas here. Once a woodsman and a horse-keeper, I now live in the city of Malmo, Sweden, writing and recording my dusky americana folk.

My albums are available from CDBaby, Bandcamp or my website. Downloads from iTunes and others, streaming on Spotify etc.

The tree/head album art was drawn by my good friend Susanne Samuelsson.

Songs (14)

#1 The Light is On 7
Feb 7
#2 Beyond the Hills 5
Feb 7
#3 Too Many Feet 3
Feb 8
#4 The Devil Walks Among Us 6
Feb 8
#5 On the Second Morning 3
Feb 9
#6 Division Lake 3
Feb 9
#7 Dry Wind 3
Feb 13
#8 Take Good Care 3
Feb 13
#9 Most Every Day Blues 3
Feb 15
#10 Stroll On 1
Feb 21
#11 Evening Gown 3
Feb 21
#12 Garden Doors 2
Feb 23
#13 Old House 4
Feb 26
#14 Family Plot 3
Feb 26


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  • @aaronnathans Feb 15

    Thank you, Tomas.

  • @highmountain Feb 10

    Thank you for your kind words! You are welcome to make me company under the "nun-rape" tag. 😀

  • @highmountain Feb 9

    Howdy, mister! Thank you for your comments! Coming back from the desert, it's always nice with a bucket of water.

  • @dani312  Feb 9

    Hey, thanks for listening to Postcards From The Past and for your kind words 😀

  • @quork  Feb 7

    In order to get my annual Old Lost John fix I listened to your most recent song on Soundcloud, Fine Like This. What a beautiful song. The fine like this/hug and a kiss works really well. Nice, spare instrumentation is nice, too. Reminds me a little bit of Greg Brown, not sure if you know him. Probably my two favourite albums by him are "Further In" and "Dream Cafe".

  • @quork  Feb 2020

    Tomas, thank you for your comment on "I know what you did". Yes, it was fun to mess around with an uptempo murder ballad. I appreciate your comment re. the solo (was actually mandolin plugged into an amp simulator. I like having a solo, but agree it doesn't add to the mood of the song. Maybe after FAWM...Hope you're well. Edit: oops, just realized you were talking about the guitar bits. Yes, a little bit of experimentation there.

  • @highmountain Feb 2020

    Howdy! Let's see those kanelbullar of yours take musical shape!

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 2020

    Hi! Thanks for the follow. I checked out your website and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to hearing more of your music.

  • @mikedebenham  Jan 2020

    Hi Tomas. Always great to see you here. Best of luck for February.

  • @izaakalexander  Jan 2020

    Hi there! Looking forward to your work this FAWM!

  • @quork  Jan 2020

    Hello, hope things go well for you this FAWM.

  • @oddbod  Jan 2020

    Hello once again Tomas

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2020

    Hi there! Your music is beautiful! Best wishes to you and happy fawming!