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Connecticut USA   Jan 2013


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* 2018 PLAN

Usually I have a plan, an overarching theme for my songs for a given FAWM. But this year, I seem to be just trundling along, doing whatever. Which is absolutely fine, of course. I guess my "theme" this year is just having fun! 😀


I just released my debut album a short while ago. Entitled "For Those About to Grow Your Beard (We Salute You)," it is, unsurprisingly, an album of beard songs.

For better or worse, it pretty accurately reflects who I am as a musician. And, really, as a person. It's available at Bandcamp (https://opinionatedwhiskers.bandcamp....) and Spotify (http://spoti.fi/2jnjAqG) and all the other usual streamers / retailers.


In junior high a long, long time ago, I elected to take flute as my required instrument. Unfortunately, in my second year, I was put in a third-year class due to a scheduling conflict. Being so far behind everyone else made me miserable. As a result, I did . . . unfortunate things to my flute to sabotage it in order to try to get out of class.

The repair guy figured it out pretty quick.

Nonetheless, while I've always enjoyed a very active listening relationship with music, the whole experience pretty much killed any interest I had in making my own. Until over twenty years later, when for some reason I picked up a keyboard and a computer DAW.

And now, I'm loving every minute of it.

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