Ocean Jasper 14


DE   Feb 2

Artist Bio

Influences:   Rock / Alt-Rock / Indie / Electronic / Metal / Scandinavian / Folk / Pop / Epic / Rap / Hip-Hop etc...

* 21 years old
* coming from Germany
* amateur multi-instrumentalist
* I listen to everything that I like - More or less no genre borders


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  • @audrey  Mar 31

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and for the positive comment on my piece A Special Moment. I appreciate it. πŸ˜€

  • @phoenixash Feb 28

    Hey, sorry then for my mistake, I may have not understood u.u but I really liked it and you should definitely finish it

  • @audrey  Feb 26

    Thank you for your kind words about my song First Day on Campus. I appreciate it. πŸ˜€

  • @fonte  Feb 15

    Oh hey I didn't see your message for some reason! I'd always prefer acoustic drums....! Are you on soundcloud? You can reach me there!

  • @socialparasite89 Feb 9

    I’m not much of a singer lol I hear it as an acoustic rock song

  • @oceanjasper Feb 9

    @fonte Great! Let me know when you have a track where I could add some groove. Would you rather have acoustic drums or midi drums (For now I only used midi because I can't play the acoustic for another two or three days)

  • @oceanjasper Feb 9

    @socialparasite89 I'll see when I'll come around to do so πŸ˜€ Would you like to sing the lyrics yourself, should I sing, would you rather "rap" them? What kind of genre did you hear the text in when you were writing it?

  • @fonte  Feb 9

    Ha, I just commented how I liked your drums! So yes, would be great to try and do something!

  • @socialparasite89 Feb 6

    Hey thanks for the comment! If you find time and want to write some music for my lyrics that’d be really cool, I appreciate the offer!